• Middle School Academic Development


    This class is designed to improve your study skills, time management skills and organizational skills. It will assist you with meeting the needs of your academic classes. Your Academic Development teacher maintains weekly contact with your subject teachers to be aware of your progress and to assist you in areas of difficulty.


    Class Rules & Expectations

    -       Respect yourself and others

    o    The slightest disrespect will not be tolerated. Disrespectful behavior will result in disciplinary action from the Assistant Principal.

    -       Be prepared at the start of class

    o    Have all of your materials available (pen/pencil, current homework, study guides etc.). You should also always bring a “free reading” book with you each day.

    o    Have your assignment pad on your desk and filled out. If there is no homework for a class you must write “NO HW”

    o    Begin preparing and organizing yourself for the class period

    -       Raise your hand when asking or answering a question

    -       Always try your best!




    You will be graded on a pass/fail  basis.


    You will PASS this class by…

    1.     Maintaining organization

    2.     Coming to class prepared

    3.     Managing your homework pad

    4.     Actively participating during class





    Typical activities include but are not limited to:

    v  Checking homework assignment pads

    v  Reviewing for a test

    v  Organizing notebooks/binders

    v  Working on long term projects

    v  Completing weekly planners

          v  Ensuring you are up to date with assignments

    v  Correcting/explaining/assisting with homework

    v  Reinforcing/re-explaining information from a subject area class

    v  Using the extended time accommodation to complete a test

    v  Developing a schedule for a long term project



    Daily Materials

    -       Glen Ridge issued Chromebook

    -       Homework assignment pad

    -       Pens/pencils

    -       Study guides, class notes, etc.

    -       “free reading” book of your choice




    I am available every day during block 9 in room 300 should you need assistance. Please do not hesitate to stop by and see me. I am here to help!