• boygirl Student Responsibilities

     Be On Time

    Arrive to class on time, get your folder from the cart and take your assigned seat. Check the whiteboard for the DO NOW and get started on the day's work.  Instructions are often provided at the start of the period.  When you are late, you can miss important information.
    You will be marked late any time you are late to class. If you are late more than once in a week, you will have to attend detention Period 9 to discuss how to make sure this does not continue to be a problem.  As per school policy, if you are marked late 5 times in a marking period, you will have to serve a Central Detention.  

    Use Chromebooks Appropriately  

    We are fortunate that all students have school-issued Chromebooks and we will make good use of them in this class. We will use Google Classroom to access class materials and later in the cycle to share your writing and get teacher feedback to improve your research paper.  We will also, of course, use the Internet to conduct research and other online activities. 
    You are expected to stay on task when using your Chromebook during class.  If you are observed using your Chromebook during class to play games, watch videos or for other unrelated activities, you will receive a period 9 detention.  If this occurs repeatedly, your parents will be contacted.
    There will be times when you should not have your Chromebook open.  A sign will be posted on our whiteboard making it clear when your Chromebook should be closed and your focus should be on the teacher or another activity.

     Make Effective Use of Class Time  

    You will often be given the opportunity to work independently and will be responsible for using this time effectively, seeking assistance when needed, and keeping yourself on track in order to complete all assignments on time. If you are observed off task, being unproductive, and/or disturbing others during class time you may be assigned a Period 9 detention.
    If you do not complete necessary tasks during class time, it is your responsibility to do so Period 9 or at home.  You must, however, use all given class time to try and complete assigned tasks and should only resort to this if you find you need additional time or have been absent for several days. 
    If you finish an assignment ahead of time , you are expected to find a quiet and productive way to use your time.  Check with Mrs. Savio to see if there is anything further you should do for this class. If not, you may be given permission to do other homework,study independently, or read quietly. 

    Keep Research Materials Organized

    Organize and keep track of all research and related materials. You will be given a folder to be maintained in the Library Media Center for this purpose.Your folder should not be taken home unless permission is granted by Mrs.Savio. It is your responsibility to bring in the next day any materials that you do take home to complete assignments.   

    Submit Assignments on Time

    Due dates for assignments will be posted to Google Classroom and on the class calendar on our class website. Some assignments will be physically handed in to the teacher while others will be submitted virtually through our Google Classroom. Points will be deducted for assignments that are turned in after the due date.

    Self-Assess Your Understanding and Get Extra Help if Needed 

    As you do in other classes, you will be responsible for self-assessing your understanding throughout this cycle.  You will have a set of 3 cards (green, yellow and pink) to help you think this through and enable you to easily communicate this to the teacher.  These cards represents the following:

    GREEN = GO. "I get it.  Let's roll!  I know how to do this and am ready to move forward."

    YELLOW = SLOW DOWN.  "Hmm. I'm not sure."  I'm not quite ready to move on.  Please explain that again. 

    RED/PINK = STOP.  "Yikes! I'm lost."  I am confused and need help before moving on. 

    In addition to this ongoing assessment, you are always encouraged to speak to the teacher anytime you feel you need clarification or have questions about what is expected.  It is your responsibility to see the teacher for extra help or extra time if you need it. 
    Mrs. Savio is generally available for questions or extra help in the Library Media Center during Middle School Lunch and also Period 9 every day.  Special arrangements may be made for extra help at another time if necessary. 

    No Phones or Ear buds During Class 

    Because the library is a common space as well as our classroom, it is important to clarify what is permitted during class versus what is permitted when you may be working independently in the library.  Two things that are acceptable after school in the library are NOT acceptable during class time: phone use and ear buds.
    There is no need to use your mobile phone during class so it should be stored away.  If your phone is out for any reason during class,I will hold on to it for you until the end of class so that it will not distract you again.  If this occurs more than once, your phone may be confiscated and given to the Assistant Principal as per school policy.
    Another thing you are welcome to use when you are working in the library on your own time is ear buds or headphones. During class. however, you need to stay tuned in for instruction and be prepared to communicate with others so ear buds are also not permitted.