• Research 8
    Course Overview
    This course focuses on the process of preparing a research paper according to MLA Style guidelines. Although the paper you end up writing is important, the work that you do along the way are just as important as the final product that you produce. During this cycle, you will be guided through each stage of the process of preparing a research paper and will practice the following skills: 
    • Choosing a topic and developing a thesis 
    • Outlining, drafting and revising a research paper
    • Developing an introduction, two body paragraphs and a conclusion
    • Finding, quoting and paraphrasing sources that provide text evidence to support your claims
    • Properly citing sources with parenthetical references and a Works Cited page to give credit and avoid plagiarism
    These skills are especially valuable because you will need to use them again and again throughout your education and in life.  Your experience in this class can affect your future success.