• Glen Ridge Board of Education


    Board Goals 2010-2011




    v      COMMUNICATIONS: Augment current communications efforts with topical BOE “focus events” to educate the public on topics of community interest (negotiations, budget, legislation, etc.)


    v      CURRICULUM: Monitor the District’s efforts to increase student achievement in the area of writing.


    v      FINANCE: Create a budget that supports quality education, given a 2% limit on annual property tax increases and the probability of no state aid.



    Ø       In conjunction with the Superintendent, examine and refine the Board's role in the annual review of staff evaluations.  Specifically, we would like to define more clearly what information the Board wants to receive from our administrators about the staff under review and how best to be an effective part of the evaluation process.       

    Ø       With regard to policy, create a process to review current and incoming policies systematically, with an eye to at least weeding out the outdated ones.  Contact Strauss Esmay for assistance and guidance in this task.