Board of Education Meetings - Public Comment Procedures

    The Glen Ridge Board of Education continues to welcome comments from the public on issues relating to the Glen Ridge schools.  To encourage greater participation and make the board meeting environment more productive for all participants, we are making some minor changes to our public comment procedure starting with our first fall meeting on September 9, 2019 at 8pm. 

     As in the past, there will be two public comment periods during each regular public meeting.  These are intended to give members of the public the opportunity to provide input and share views with the Board and their fellow residents.  Special meetings, which happen occasionally, may have only one public comment period, with comments being limited to the topic or topics on the agenda of the special meeting. 

     For regular meetings, the two public comment periods occur toward the beginning and end of the meeting.  The first public comment period relates only to items on the Board’s official agenda. The second public comment period is for comments on agenda or non-agenda items relating to Glen Ridge schools.

     Members of the public who wish to speak during one (or both) of the public comment periods should sign up (name and municipality) on the sign-in sheet next to the public podium. If the meeting is held virtually members of the public need to hit the"Raise Your Hand" function to be acknowledge to speak.  Any member of the public may speak once during each of the two public comment periods. Speakers will be heard in the order in which they signed up—sign-ups will continue through each public comment session.  Each member of the public who has signed up to speak should approach the podium when it is their turn to speak. After being recognized by the Board President, the speaker should state their name. Speakers are then free to address the Board.  Their remarks will be limited to two (2) minutes, exclusive of any time that members of the Board (or the Board’s employees or advisors) spend in responding to any question(s). The Board will respond to questions at its discretion, and may not respond to certain questions during the meeting.  For questions regarding non-agenda items where further inquiries are appropriate, the Board will endeavor to post answers to these questions on its website or respond, where appropriate, in greater detail at a subsequent meeting.  

     If circumstances dictate the need for a special board meeting, and the purpose of the meeting is consistent with only one public comment period, the change will be noted on the agenda for that meeting.


    Written comments

    Individuals who wish to submit written comments regarding any agenda item or school district issue that a member of the public feels may be of concern to the residents of the school district must do so by sending an email with the written comments to Barbara Murphy, Business Administrator/ Board Secretary at bmurphy@glenridge.org or by written letter addressed to Ms. Murphy at the Glen Ridge Board of Education office, 12 High Street, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028. Comments submitted in writing or by email must include the commenter’s name and address. Written comments must be received no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting. Written comments will be read aloud and addressed during the meeting in a manner audible to all meeting participants and the public. When reading written comments during a meeting, the person reading the comment will stop reading after two-minutes, no matter how long the comment is. The Board may summarize duplicative comments as permitted by law, and duplicative comments shall be noted for the record.

    Livestreamed Board Meetings can be found by clicking HERE
    ***Meetings in 2024 are scheduled on Tuesdays unless noted otherwise***  





    January 3 (Wednesday)


    January 23


    February 13



    March 5 

    Tentative Budget Presentation

    March 7 (Thursday)

    Special Meeting

    Executive Session at 5:30 PM



    March 13 (Wednesday)

    Special Meeting

    Executive Session at 7:00 PM

    March 26


    April 9

    Special Meeting at 7:00 PM

    April 30

    Budget Public Hearing


    May 14



    June 11



    July 30



    No Meeting (unless needed)


    September 10



    October 1

    October 29


    November 19



    December 10




    January 7 



    ***Meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays unless noted otherwise***

Last Modified on April 9, 2024