• First Page Header
    On the first page of your paper, type a four-line header that includes your name, the instructor's name, the course name, and the date. This appears at the top of the first page only and is aligned left. 
    Steven Smith
    Mrs. Savio
    Research 8
    22 May 2018
    Just below this should be a brief, descriptive title centered.  Do not bold, underline or in any way change the font for your title. 
    Running Header 
    A running header is one that appear on every page of your paper.  In MLA Style, this should include your last name and a page number (i.e. Smith 5).
    The running header should appear d in the upper right corner.  
    To add an MLA style running header to a Google Doc
    1.  Click on Insert
    2.  Choose Header & page number
    3.  Choose Page number
    4.  Click on the option for the correct postion (upper right corner)
    5.  You should now see the page number appear on your Doc.
    6.  Type your last name in front of this page number
    When done correctly, the page number will automatically increas on each page (1,2,3 etc.) and will remain in the correct position on the top of the page even if you cut and paste text in the body of the doc. 
    Example:  For more information about MLA headers visit the MLA Style Center.