• (formerly United Streaming)
    The district subscribes to this service to provide you with digital resources to increase the effectiveness of your instruction and help connect your classroom to a world of learning. These high-quality digital resources come in easy-to-use formats and cover all core-curricular subject areas.  You must set up an account to use this service.  See you Library Media Specialist for the required school passcode if you wish to do so.
    A free online digital library with a wealth of quaility resources on primarily science, technology and math related topics.  Resources come from opoular PBS shows such as NOVA, Frontline, Nature, Quest, Cyberchase and other oublic television stations, universities, museums, and government agencies.  You must set up your own free account in order to use this service.
    This YouTube for educators provides an online community for sharing instructional teacher videos. Search for and view video lessons developed by other educators as well as upload and share your own.
Last Modified on May 3, 2019