• Before Care 
    The Before Care Program provides children with a safe, fun and nurturing environment in the hour before school begins.  Children have the opportunity to work on arts/crafts, play quiet games, explore various table toys and socialize with their classmates.  Staff at each site include the site coordinator and one to three child care aides.   


    After Care 

    The After Care Program was developed to provide children with a nurturing, safe and enriching environment in their non-curricular time in child care. In an effort to make this time fun and rewarding, we provide a variety of activities as well as supervised homework support daily.  The site coordinators are responsible for planning daily activities for the children with the help of several child care aides who assist in implementing these projects.

    Weekly Schedule:  Linden and Forest Avenue Schools
    3:00-3:15      Attendance
    3:15-3:30      Snack time
    3:30-3:45      Homework (Linden and Forest Avenue Schools)
    3:45-4:45      Outside Playground or Inside Gym
    4:45-6:00      Rotating Activity and Free Play
       Rotating Activities:
       Mondays:  Special Projects, Play dough, Magnets
       Tuesdays:  Music & Movement (Alternating Tuesdays)
       Wednesdays:  Yoga for Kids (Alternating Wednesdays)
       Thursdays:  Arts & Crafts, Board Games, Puzzles
       Fridays:  Diversity Friday (Movies, songs, stories and more)

    Weekly Schedule:  Ridgewood Avenue School
    3:00-3:10   Attendance
    3:10-3:20   Snack time
    3:20-4:15   Outside Playground or Inside Gym Time 
       Homework (30 minutes) 
    4:45-6:00   Free Play, Board games, Puzzles, Chess, Computer games, Uno, Arts & Crafts, Movies, Special Projects, Basketball and more.

    On days when school is not in session but the program is operating (i.e., NJEA days and Spring break), the program runs from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Parents may sign their children up for vacation day care on a first come first served basis. Spaces are held for these vacation days when full payment and hard copies of the registration form are received. Program Director plans special activities and occasional field trips for these days.