•  Related Arts Six-Day Schedule
    for the 2021-2022 School Year
    (updated September 2021)
    Marking Period 1
     (September - December) 
    Day 1: Art (blk. 6)
    Day 2: Health (blk. 1); Art (blk. 6)
    Day 3: Gym (blk. 1); Art (blk. 6)
    Day 4:  Gym (blk. 1); Art (blk. 6)
    Day 5: Library (blk. 1)
    Day 6: Computer Science and Design (blk. 6)
    List of Related Arts Teachers
    • GymMrs. Beckmann (every day 3 and 4 all year long)
    • HealthMr. Curfman (every Day 2 all year long)
    • Art: Mr. Hellstern (students will have Art during Marking Period 1 only)
    • MusicMrs. Tarabocchia (students will have Music during Marking Period 3 only)
    • Spanish(students will have Spanish during Marking Period 2 only)
    • Literacy Lab: Mr. Aumack (every Day 5 all year long)
    • Technology: Mrs. Sullo (every Day 6 all year long)
    Students are responsible for being prepared for each of their Related Arts classes. Sneakers must be available for Gym class, and all Library books must be returned on time. Please visit the Related Arts teachers' websites for additional information.