• How Does The After Care Program Operate?

    Upon arrival to after care, attendance is taken and children are given time to socialize with their friends while enjoying a healthy snack.  Next, we offer a supervised homework period where children can receive help if necessary.  Weather permitting, there is playground play or indoor gym time, followed by free play and various fun and engaging learning activities.  We ask that parents notify the program director in advance at RAdams@glenridge.org 
    if their child is going to be absent from their scheduled after care days.

    3:00-3:15      Attendance
    3:15-3:30      Snack time
    3:30-3:45      Homework (Linden and Forest Avenue Schools)
    3:45-4:45      Outside Playground or Inside Gym 
    4:45-6:00      Rotating Activity and Free Play

    Some of our Rotating Activities include Legos, Play dough, Magnets, Cooperative Games, Yoga for Kids, Arts and Crafts, Board Games, Puzzles, Diversity Fridays, Movies, Songs, Story Time and more.

    Calendar and Hours
    The Child Care Program follows the same calendar as the Glen Ridge Public School District.  We are open on all half days from 12:30pm dismissal until 6:00pm.  In addition, we offer vacation day child care during NJEA Conference Days, Winter and Spring Break.  Pre-registration and an additional fee is required for all vacation day care programs.

    Children enrolled in Glen Ridge Public Schools in grades Pre-K through 6th grade are eligible to participate in the Child Care Program.  If a child is absent from school on a given day, they may not attend the child care program on that day.
    The Child Care Program is staffed with qualified adult teacher assistants who are carefully chosen to respond to the individual needs of all children.
    Drop off/Pick Up Policy

    Parents must walk their child(ren) to the front door of the school, and wait for Before Care staff to answer the door before leaving their child(ren) on school premises.  In addition, we ask that all children be signed out from After Care by a parent or other authorized adult.
    Discipline and Behavior Policy
    In order to provide a safe, secure and enriching environment all children must be able to follow and adhere to the "Child Expectations" set forth by the program. All children are treated equally, whether he/she is classified for any reason. We do not discriminate on our discipline techniques. However, we do realize that each child is an individual, with different ranges of emotions. Therefore, we will utilize various techniques that fit your child's emotional status and maturity level.

    The following discipline policy is used when handling inappropriate behavior:

    1. A Warning will be given to the child explaining what they are doing and why that behavior is inappropriate. The child is told that this is a warning and the next step will be a time out.

    2. If the child continues with the behavior after a warning, place the child in a time out area separated from the group. 

    3. Should the behavior continue immediately follow with another time out.

    4. A written report should be given in the event of the following:


    ·  Verbal or physical abuse to another child or staff member

    ·  Possession of a weapon

    ·  Disruptive to the program setting by persistently being non-compliant and non-responsive to warnings and time outs.

    1st write up: the child, parent and Site Coordinator must acknowledge and sign a report verifying the incident and behavior. Depending upon the severity of the incident, parents may be asked to pick up their child immediately at the discretion of the Site Coordinator.

    2nd write up: the child's parents/guardians must arrange a meeting with the Site Coordinator and Program Director.

    3rd write up: the child's parents/guardians must arrange a meeting with the Program Director and Administrator in charge of child care plus a one week suspension will be given to the child.

    4th write up: the child will be terminated from the program immediately.
    Parents/guardians will be called immediately to pick up his/her child if any of the following occurs:

    1. fever - ancillary over 100.5 degrees
    2. two or more episodes of vomiting
    3. acute diarrhea
    4. severe stomach pains
    5. persistent headache or sore throat
    6. infected untreated skin patches
    7. red eyes with discharge
    8. rapid or difficult breathing
    9. weeping or bleeding skin lesions that have not been treated by a health professional
    10. skin rashes lasting more than a day
    11. swollen joints
    12. visibly enlarged lymph nodes
    13. blood in urine
    Child Expectations
    1. To maintain control of one's self
    ·  No hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, biting or spitting at others
    2. To be respectful of others
    ·  No verbal abuse, foul language, teasing, and taunting
    ·  Allow others their personal space
    ·  Do not destroy or take anyone's belongings
    ·  Never say "shut up"
    ·  No inappropriate body language or gestures
    3. To be polite and patient with each other
    ·  Use "please, thank you" and "excuse me"
    ·  Raise hand during discussions and no shouting out
    ·  Share equipment with others

    4. To be responsible for one's self
    ·  Control feelings so that his/her actions do not harm others
    ·  Clean up after his/herself
    ·  Show up at After Care promptly when school is dismissed
    ·  Ridgewood Ave. children should call on white inter-school phone before 3:15 p.m. to alert staff to child's whereabouts in school (for example, with teacher, in library)
    ·  Always tell a staff person whenever he/she has to leave the group whether it be
    ·  to use the bathroom, go to a meeting or home, etc....