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    My Supervision Vision:
    My vision as your supervisor is to be your guiding light.  I promise to make your job easier by clarifying any questions you may have each day.   Together we can make change happen.
    My door is always open, so please stop by anytime! 
    As your supervisor I also promise to:
     v  Support you with innovative ideas
    v  Encourage you throughout difficult times and be your support system when necessary

    v  Listen to and facilitate conversation

    v  Have a sense of humor and laugh with you

    v  Provide motivation and give feedback

    v  Encourage and create professional development opportunities

    v   Welcome all learning styles

    v  Provide new learning opportunities

    v  Clarify questions or concerns

    v  Create ways to problem solve

    v  Reinforce important information

    v  Encourage positive relationships among staff

    v  Request staff feedback for personal growth
    v Act as your mentor and coach