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    Life-Long Learning and The Circle of Friends
    The Circle of Friends is a voluntary educators' group created to promote life-long learning.  This group consists of teachers working together to create meaningful lessons while providing valuable feedback to one another's practice. 
    Teachers will come together to create and develop lesson plans, integrate the lesson in their classroom practice, videotape one group member during the lesson and collaborate to provide valuable written feedback once the lesson is complete. 
    Each group member will be videotaped one time per year.
    The video may be used during staff development and/or team meetings to share ideas and develop a forum for best practices. 
    Volunteers must be tenured teachers with experience of at least five years. 
    Teachers must be in-district for at least four years. 
    **The Circle of Friends learning group will replace the observation process for teacher volunteers.** 
    Please stop by my office for an application if you are interested in joining!