New Teacher Mentor Program or Peer Coaching
    Research shows that many novice teachers leave the teaching profession within 1-3 years after entering the field because they find the challenges of the classroom too great.  Here at RAS and the Special Services Department we provide you with a year-long mentoring program.  This program is geared to provide you with collegial support and guidance needed to develop effective teaching strategies in educational practices.  Your mentor will help you develop more skills and instructional strategies to ensure you feel comfortable during your first year. 
    The role of the mentor teacher is:
    *to provide you with daily supervision
    *ensure that you understand the curriculum
    *support you by creating a cooperative learning team
    *encourage self-reflection
    The benefit of a successful mentoring program is that teachers are given the support they need to become confident professionals.  In turn, novice teachers are able to use these skills and pass them along to other new teachers to contribute to a feeling of job satisfaction.