• portfolio
    Portfolio Purposes
    Portfolios are a wonderful way for teachers to collect artifacts about accomplishments, learning strategies, strengths and best works.  It should be used as a tool for reflection and is something that can be compared to a scrapbook.  The portfolio serves as a living document and changes as a teacher's abilities and skills grow and develop. 
    Your portfolio will serve as a mode for self-reflection.  As you collect meaningful materials throughout the year, you will see evidence of your day-to-day experiences.  You will be able to select valuable materials to be inserted in your portfolio.  Some materials may include: lesson plans, parent testimonials, letters from staff or supervisors, written reflections, student work and pictures. 
    Portfolios emphasize quality over quantity and are helpful for professional development. 
    All teachers are encouraged to keep a collection of personal artifacts throughout the year to share best practices with supervisors and other teachers at the end of the year.  This is also a good tool to use during the mentoring process to assist novice teachers.  
    Portfolios need not be fancy, just a reflection of YOU!