• Mr. Terpin’s Homework Policy


    Students must Show ALL  of their work when they complete their homework the way I taught them in class!!!!!!!!!! 

    Homework must have the following!!!!
    1. Title, page number, and date
    2.  You must show all work in a neatly organized box for each numbered question.
    3.  Students must show a proof for each question.
    4.  All word problems must have a logical explanation.
    Students who have only answers for their homework will receive NO CREDIT!  


    Student need to practice concepts and procedures that they have learned in class. Also, students need to prepare for new information or elaborate on information that has been introduced.   Students must show all of their work for the following reasons:


    1.)   It lets me know that the student understands the math process.


    2.) I can identify any problems, if any, by looking at the student's work.


    3.)   The students will retain the concept a lot longer.   The goal is to remember for life, not just for my test.


    4.) You perform the way you practice.


    5.) You will not receive any credit for answers only.


    6.)   I can't see inside people's heads.   (I wish I could!!!!)


    7.) You eliminate silly mistakes.   You want to be consistent and efficient.


    8.) I care, I want to help, I need to see your work.



    Amount of Homework:

    Sixth Grade:   Overall 60-90 minutes per night.


    *****The formula is 10-15 minutes per grade level.******  


    Math homework should take 15-20 minutes per night.   The stronger the student is with their math facts, the faster they will complete the homework.   The concept/process will also determine the amount of time needed.   For example, dividing by decimals and fraction operations take longer to compute than estimating. The students typically get 20 problems per night in math.   Sometimes more, sometimes less.   The concepts are presented in numerous computational formats and there are always at least two word problems.   If your child is taking more than a half an hour to complete the homework, please notify me immediately.   I try not to give homework over the weekends and I try not to give tests on Mondays.


    Homework Grades: Homework Rubric







    Check +


    Student tried all problems and demonstrated an understanding of the proper procedures and the order of operations by showing all of their work. Student’s work is organized and neat.









    Student did most of the problems and showed their work.   Some of the problems were incomplete and student did not show the proper procedures and order of operations.   Student’s work is somewhat organized.







    Check -


    Student did some of the problems and showed little, if any work.   The student used the wrong procedures and the incorrect order of operations.   Student’s work is unorganized and very messy.




    *Students can always bring up their homework grade by completing the assignment correctly.



    Consequences for not completing the homework:


     There is 10 point deduction for everyday the work is late.   Students are always expected to have their homework the day it is due. This affords them to ask me questions, clarify problems on the board, and actively be involved in the lesson.   If a student repeatedly does not complete the homework, he or she will have to complete the work before school, during recess, or after school.


    Parent involvement:


    ☻Help set up a consistent organized place for homework to be done.


       Students should not watch TV., listen to the radio, talk on the phone, or be near a computer when working.   These desirable devices will cause to student to prolong the time it actually takes their homework exponentially.


    ☻Help your child establish either a consistent schedule for completing homework or help him/her create a schedule each Sunday night that reflects that particular week’s activities.   I usually have the homework planned for the week on my web page.


    ☻Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child, but do not sit with him/her and do the homework with him/her.   The purpose of the homework is for your child to practice and use what he/she has learned.   If your child is consistently not able to do the homework by him or herself, please contact me.


     ☻If your child is practicing a skill, ask him or her to tell you which steps are easy for him/her, which are difficult, or how he/she is going to improve.   If , your child is consistently unable to talk about the knowledge he/she is practicing or using, please call me immediately.


    ☻When students study for a quiz or test, begin by asking them the steps necessary to compute the problems.   Have students complete a couple of problems online or use the test/quizzes in the textbook for additional practice.   I never use them.   Students should always have their notes the night before a test or quiz.  


    ☻When bedtime comes, please stop your child, even if he/she is not done.


    ☻ Students need to start managing their own time especially for long term projects.   Set up guidelines for what they should have accomplished by certain dates.  For example, when students complete the Problem of the Week, students should complete one section per day.   This will afford them the opportunity to ask me questions and guide them if they are struggling with the problem.   We want to eliminate waiting until the last minute and staying up to the wee hours the night before the project is due.