• Mr. Terpin’s Math Class

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    Username:  amathkid

    Password: rocks


    Follow these guidelines and you will have a successful year!

     Everyone starts with an “A”, however, it’s your responsibility to maintain that “A”.



    1)      Always come to class on time and with all the required materials for class. 

    These materials include: your textbook, math binder, completed homework (if assigned), sharpened pencil with an eraser, agenda and all notes that have been given in class.  If you do not understand a concept, inform me immediately and see me for extra help. 


    1)      When taking notes always write the heading given to you by your teacher and the date.

    Dating your notes is an easy way to stay organized!

    All handouts should go in your binder before you leave class and placed directly in your note section.

    2)      A notebook check will be given at the end of each marking period.  This is to

    check and see that your notes are in order. It will be worth a quiz grade.


    1)      Divide your spiral notebook into four sections: 1) daily warm-up, 2) class notes, 3) homework.  Have a folder to organize all assigned worksheets or study guides.


    1.      Preview chapters before we begin in class.

    2.      You must learn all the assigned vocabulary words. (use flash cards).

    3.       Refresh steps on a day to day basis by completing the spiral reviews in the textbook.

    4.      Make an effort to use the correct mathematical terms on a consistent basis.

    5.      Study the steps and sequences. USE YOUR NOTES!!!! Use graphic organizers, songs, mnemonic devices, pictures, whatever works for you.  I will share the tricks that I use as well.

    6.      Never wait until the last minute to study, you want to learn the material for life and not a test.  If I give you a chart to study a week in advance, study it.  More than likely you will have a pop quiz on that material.

    7.      Come in early for extra help. 

    8.      Create your own practice tests or use the tests online and in the textbook to study.


    9.       Study time will vary.  Please make sure that you do not see your homework as an item to be completed.  Make sense of the concepts and skills that you’re practicing.  Study until you have a strong and deep understanding.


    1)      Homework will always be written on the board and you MUST write the

    assignment in your agenda.

    2)      If you are absent or forgot to write your assignment down you can always visit the class page.

              3)   All assignments must be turned in on time.  If you forget your work in your locker,                                   it is late.  All late assignments will be marked 10 points off for each day that it is late.  After three days the assignment becomes a zero.    

       4)     Show all of your work neatly and in sequence.  Believe it or not, you will retain the concept longer.  I want to make sure that you didn’t rush your homework and that you know the process.  Furthermore, I will know where you’re making your mistake and can help you correct your work if you’re having trouble.

     5)     Use your class notes to complete your homework.  All the examples I give you in class will be seen in the homework and tests.

    6)      If you miss my class for any extra curricular activity or illness you are still responsible for showing me the completed work.  All work recorded as an absence will turn into a zero at the end of the marking period.  You will not be penalized for being absent, however, you must still complete the work.


    1)      Know the vocabulary terms.  You can’t answer the question if you do not know what is being asked.

    2)      Study the steps and process for each concept.  Practice online or in your textbook. (www.go.hrw.com, Middle School Math, Holt Mathematics Course 1 ) I never use the tests or quizzes in the textbook.

    3)      Know your math facts.  Multiplication/division, decimal/ fraction equivalents, formulas, and common math words.  (of means multiply in math)

    Grading Scale:


     Students’ final grade for Math will be calculated using the following scale:

    1) Homework                                25%

    3) Error Analysis                             5%

    4) Quizzes                                     30%

    5) Tests                                         40%


    EXTRA HELP  ON Tuesdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you feel that you need extra help in math please come in to see me.


     This year really matters!!!  How you perform this year determines your placement for next year.  At the end of the year you will know if you’re in Pre-Algebra or advanced Pre-Algebra.