Home & School Volunteering


    Home & School Volunteers are essential to the success of the activities planned for our children throughout the school year. Please e-mail us if you are interested in any of the following! RASHSAprez@gmail.com


    On Going Fundraisers:

    ¨     Discovery – Help research, offer classes for the after school Discovery Series

    ¨     Ways and Means – Develop objectives, plans and execute programs for fundraising (including: Sheets & Treats, Spirit Wear Fundraiser, Field Day Shirts)


    In-School Help

    ¨     Enrichment – Research alternatives, develop proposals and plan and coordinate execution of programs

    ¨     Library – Help the librarian with class visits to the school library


    Baking, Social and Good Will

    ¨     National Education Week/Teacher Appreciation – Cook/Bake for breakfast and lunch provided to teachers in November, May

    ¨     Publicity – Help take pictures and/or write articles for school events

    ¨     Social – Help with social events


    Look out for:

    ¨     Book Fair – Help organize fair, help with set-up, break-down and/or class visits (March)

    ¨     Field Day (for students) – Help organize and work shifts at this annual event (June)

    ¨     Holiday Store – Help price items, help set-up, break-down, and/or class visits at annual event (December)

    ¨     Rhino Romp – Organize the first ever school-wide 5k run (Spring)

    ¨     School Supplies – Organize order and help distribute school supplies for the next school year (June and August)

    ¨     Sixth Grade Promotion – Help organize memory book, barbecue, etc. for sixth grade graduates (June)

    ¨     Valentine’s Day Baskets – Coordinate baskets to be distributed to GR community members such as policemen, crossing guards, and librarian (February)