• glen ridge public schools – job description



    Central Management Support






    1. Valid New Jersey Instructional Certificate
    2. Minimum experience in curriculum review and staff development activities as determined by the board
    3. Demonstrated knowledge of federal and state anti-discrimination laws and regulations
    4. Knowledge of recruitment/selection procedures and practices related to equal employment opportunity within the public education system
    5. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status






    All aspects of the district's affirmative action plan



    To ensure equal educational opportunity for all students in the district and equal employment opportunity for all employees in compliance with current statute and code.




    1. Develops and coordinates an affirmative action/equity program that promotes nondiscriminatory employment and school/classroom practices.
    2. Monitors the implementation of the district's multi-year equity plan; identifies problems through on-going internal survey; and establishes goals and timelines to correct past discriminatory patterns and practices.
    3. Reviews all personnel policies to determine if they are administered without discrimination. Recommends corrective measures when necessary.
    4. Reviews recruitment and selection processes and encourages the hiring of qualified women and minorities where underutilization is evident.
    5. Reviews all applications, promotions and transfers and maintains records required by law to fully implement nondiscriminatory policies.
    6. Reviews all job classifications and specifications to purge language and other barriers that tend to discriminate on the basis of sex or minority status and recommends revisions accordingly.
    7. Acts as liaison between school district and the community organizations, contractors, vendors and others concerned with equal opportunity employment.
    8. Assists in the planning and development of career counseling or training programs for upward mobility where such programs can be realistically implemented.
    9. Monitors inservice training, recreational or social programs to determine if there is equal access for all employees.
    10. Develops and implements in-service programs for school personnel on a continuing basis to identify and resolve problems arising from prejudice on the basis of race, national origin, gender, religion, English proficiency, socioeconomic status or disability.
    11. Determines compliance with statute and code regarding equal access for all students to participate in all programs or course offerings. Makes recommendations for corrective measures where necessary.
    12. Develops guidelines for selection of textbooks, library books and other instructional materials in consultation with appropriate teaching staff members.
    13. Reviews curriculum guides, guidance services, standardized tests, extracurricular programs, athletic programs and scholarship programs to assure that they are nondiscriminatory, and recommends corrective steps when necessary.
    14. Develops guidelines for professional staff on what constitutes discriminatory school and classroom practices.
    15. Develops resource lists of multi-cultural, nonsexist, unbiased supplemental materials.
    16. Reviews the organizational aspects of the interscholastic athletic programs to assure equal treatment in such areas as coaches' salaries, purchase and maintenance of equipment, quality and availability of facilities, scheduling practice and game time, length of season and other related matters.
    17. Monitors equal access to facilities and a harassment-free school environment for all employees and students.
    18. Measures the effectiveness of the affirmative action/equity program and administers discriminatory grievances filed.
    19. Maintains professional competence and continuous improvement through continuing education and professional development activities. Keeps abreast of current discrimination issues; relevant state and federal laws; and effective affirmative action/equal education strategies
    20. Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the superintendent and/or required by law, code or board policy.



    Work year and salary to be determined by the board.



    Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with state law and provisions of the board's policy on evaluation of certified personnel.