Advisor- Mrs. Nieves
    If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, why not join Spanish Club? Past activities include salsa dance lessons, preparing authentic foods and writing pen pals, and more!  We would love to see you so please join us!  ¡Hasta pronto!


    2020-2021 Meeting Dates 

    Wed. 11/11
    Tues. 12/15
    Wed. 1/13
    Tues. 1/26
    Wed. 2/10
    Tues. 3/9
    Wed. 4/7
    Tues. 5/4
    Wed. 6/2
    Please contact Sra. Nieves if you would like to join and she will add you to The Spanish Club Google Classroom.
    All meetings will start at 2:30. If the schedule changes later in the year to include a full school day, times will be adjusted!