• Strategic Planning - The Arts


    Recommendation 1


    Integrate the Arts Across the Curriculum/Course Offerings and Emphasize the Art and Technology - The arts gives us meaning in our lives and fosters creativity from our unique perspectives and should be integrated, infused, or "cross-pollinated" throughout the curriculum.  This integration should include adding the diversity of the 21st century media tools to the curriculum. 


    Recommendation 2


    An Arts Director/Coordinator, Arts Page on the District Website - An Arts Director should be appointed who's primary responsibility is to help integrate the arts throughout the curriculum and coordinate the various performing arts programs here throughout the district, as well as oversee adding new arts' technology to the curriculum.  This person will update and maintain a site on the district's website.  Like sports, the arts promote teamwork and help to keep students involved in meaningful and safe activities outside of school while also fostering community spirit.


    Recommendation 3


    The Arts and Community Service - Create an integrated, curriculum-based arts program that is grounded in the diversity of the arts, coupled with the diversity of 21st century media tools, which help students to translate their ideas and research of global themes, into artistic expressions, which will foster collaboration, increase awareness locally and globally, using the language of the arts.