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    Jill Szalony, Ed.M., BCBA
    District Behaviorist
    Voicemail: 973-429-8300 x3282
    Direct (Ridgewood Avenue School): 973-429-8306
    What is a Behaviorist?
    A behaviorist is an individual trained in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA as it is commonly known. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst possesses an advanced degree and has taken extra graduate course work as well as passed a Board exam. Continuing education is ongoing and recertifiation is required every three years. For more info link to: http://www.bacb.com/
    What is ABA and how can it help?
    "Applied behavior analysis is a science devoted to the understanding and improvement of human behavior. Applied behavior analysts focus on objectively defined behaviors of social significance; they intervene to improve the behaviors under study while demonstrating a reliable relationship between their interventions and the behavioral improvements; and they use the methods of scientific inquiry..."--Cooper, Heron, Heward (2007)
    Frequent Terms Spoken By Behavior Analysts:
    Reinforce, Reinforcer, Reinforcement (positive and negative); Antecedent; Behavior; Consequence; Function; Motivation; Setting Event; Private Event; Schedule; Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA); Functional Behavior Analysis (also FBA); Analogue Functional Analysis (AFA); Extinction; Interval; Data; Graphs; Research; Functional Communication Training (FCT); Mand; Contingent; Non-contingent; Pattern; Behavior Intervention Plan; Self-Monitoring; Target Behavior; Stimulus; Satiation; Repertoire
    How do I get "ABA" services for my child?
    Referrals to the district behaviorist come through the child study team or the I&RS team. Sometimes a guidance counselor or principal will also initiate a referral. Ongoing services are dictated by an IEP or 504 plan.
    Favorite and Helpful Websites
    Centers for Disease Control AD/HD Page: Good general information on characteristics and ongoing studies: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/adhd/ 
    Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Great site for advocacy and information: http://www.chadd.org/
    National Research Center on AD/HD: Resources and information: http://www.help4adhd.org/
    Additude Magazine: Articles, Blogs, Chats, and other resources for ADHD:http://www.additudemag.com or http://www.addconnect.com
    Attention Research Update: Contains summaries of articles published in scholarly journals related to ADHD as well as helpful articles on ADHD:  http://www.helpforadd.com 
    Anxiety Disorders Association of America: Good information, resources and links: http://www.adaa.org/
    Anxieties.com: Resources and information on self-help strategies: http://www.anxieties.com/
    The Child Anxiety Network: Resources and information specific to children experiencing anxiety: http://www.childanxiety.net/
    NYU Child Study Center: NYU's Website dedicated to children's mental health issues: http://www.aboutourkids.org/
    Association for Science in Autism Treatment: Great reviews and information on treatment approaches to autism.:http://www.asatonline.org/
    Autism NJ: New Jersey's own advocacy and information site for Autism: http://www.autismnj.org/
    Centers for Disease Control Autism Page: Good information site: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/index.html
    National Autism Society: Check out their standards list for Autism treatments: http://www.nationalautismcenter.org/about/national.php
    Organization for Autism Research: Another great information website: http://www.researchautism.org/
    Aspergers Syndrome Education Notebook: An organization dedicated to individuals with Aspergers: http://www.aspennj.org/
    Wrong Planet: A Website created by and for individuals with Asperger's, Autism, PDD/NOS, and other Neurological Disorders: http://www.wrongplanet.net
    Tony Attwood: Terrific author, researcher and advocate for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome: http://www.tonyattwood.com.au/
    Obsessive Compulsive Kids: Great story for kids that explains OCD: http://www.ocdkids.org/
    National Institute of Mental Health's Page on OCD: Good information and links to other sites: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd
    You Have OCD: Mostly products but a few links to information sites: http://youhaveocd.com/
    About Our Kids: NYU's website dedicated to children's mental health issues: http://www.aboutourkids.org/families/disorders_treatments/az_disorder_guide/oppositional_defiant_disorder