• United States History



    Mr. Ianni



    Glen Ridge High School



    Room 206







    Course Description:



    This survey course in early American history will focus on the period from President Andrew Jackson through the period of Reconstruction.  During this time period students will study themes such as the Jackson Era, Manifest Destiny, the differences between the North and the South (political and economical), the reform movement (abolitionists, women’s rights, and social reform), Civil War, and Reconstruction.  Geography, reading, and writing activities will be emphasized throughout this course of study.  Course work will rely on textbook, primary sources, projects, research, and simulation activities.  Students are expected to take notes, analyze and interpret documents and events, and compare and contrast various events with the present day.







    Discovering Our Past, History of United States, Early Years. Appleby, Joyce et. al. McGraw-Hill Companies (2014).


    Textbook must be covered







    How to Enter the Classroom:



    Do not enter the room unless I am present.  If you arrive to the room before I do, please wait quietly in the hallway. 



    Beginning of Class:



    Write the day’s homework assignment in your agenda book.  Assignments are located on the backboard of the classroom.


    All homework that will be collected must be placed in the appropriate bin on my desk.


    Open your notebook and have your textbook on the desk.


    Begin the “Do Now” assignment on the board.



    At the End of Class:



    Turn in all class work that needs to be turned in.


    Double-check the homework board.


    Return any borrowed supplies


    Clean up your desk and any trash on the floor.












    Class projects


    Participation and Preparedness


    Writing assignments


    Grades will be based on a points system.  The total points earned from quizzes, tests, homework, and projects will determine your grade 






    3 Points- all requirements are met and a strong effort is demonstrated


    2 Points- not all requirements are met, more effort is required, more support is required


    1 Point- incomplete assignment and poor effort


    0 Points- failed to submit assignment






    All assignments are due at the beginning of the period. They should be placed in the proper bin on my desk.  


    Points off for work done on spiral bound paper


    Points off for work done in pencil


    Points off for work done in any ink other than blue or black


    Write legibly.  Typing is preferred if it is possible. 


    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a lowered grade.



    Late Work Policy:



    Work is considered late if not handed in during the class period when it is collected.  If work has been left in the locker or at home, it is still considered late. 


    Daily assignments- go down one point for every day it is late. No credit after 3 days. 


    Essay’s/projects- Go down one letter grade for every day late.  No credit after 3 days



    Makeup Work:



    For regular daily assignments (other than projects and essays), you have as many days to make up the work as you have been “excused” for your absence. 


    I WILL NOT pursue you about your missed work; you should check with a trusted classmate to get any notes you may have missed.  Check with me after class, and check my webpage for homework assignments.


    To those students involved in extra curricular activities such as athletics or student government, your schedule is especially demanding, but missed assignments or late work will not be excused.  Be responsible. Plan ahead.






    There will be 3 to 4 major projects


    Projects may be in the form of a paper, a presentation, or a group project


    Topics and due dates will be determined at a later date.






    3 sections


    Section 1: Homework (all assignments that are returned should be hole punched/glued into your homework section.)


    Section 2: Journal- All assignments that are completed in class.


    Section 3: Notes










    Be respectful! Show respect to everyone and everything! In the business world you will have to show respect to not only your boss, but your co-workers, I expect the same here!






    Notebook: 3 subject (binder if you prefer)    


    Blue or black pens


    colored pencils/crayons


    Text Book







    Using E-Book: (textbook on line)


    Enter assigned User-Name and Password

    Homework Hotline:



    Homework will be posted daily/weekly on my webpage. Please note that it is subject to change.


    Contact Information:



    E-mail: BIanni@glenridge.org


    973-429-8300 Ext. 2501





    Discipline Policy if Rules and Guidelines are not followed:



    1st Offense: Verbal Warning



    2nd Offense: teacher/student conference



    3rd Offense: Phone call home



    4th Offense: Detention and call to parents



    5th Offense: Referral



     Please paste in the Homework section of the notebook




    I have read and understand the guidelines and procedures for Mr. Ianni’s class and have shared them with my parents.




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