Glen Ridge Board of Education


    Board Goals 2013-2014



    • Oversee the development of a 'roadmap' for the incorporation of technology literacy throughout all curricular disciplines.
    • Oversee the development of a strategic plan for improvements to the district facilities that will increase operations efficiency and support twenty first century technology-enabled learning activities.
    • Reduce excess surplus amount (barring unforeseen circumstances/situations).
    • Oversee development of strategies that will enable the district to dfifferentiate itself from its peer groups.
    • Consider adopting procedures to maximize our scores on those evaluations while upholding our educational mission.


    • Monitor the ways by which the strengthening/coordination of programs at the elementary level are presented to parents and the community.


    • Monitor and report on available data on the overall efficacy of the evaluation process in Glen Ridge. Monitor and report on the effects of increased observation workload on our administrators' time and ability to respond to other demands of their jobs.