• What to do if you are


    having a problem with your


    VHS class

    While taking a VHS course, it is important that you communicate proactively with your course teacher. If you have any problems or questions regarding your course, please contact your teacher in the appropriate discussion thread within the course.  Let your teacher know in advance if you are going to be absent from class for an extended period, so that arrangements can be made to make up any missed work.

    If you have an issue that your teacher is unable to address, please submit a service ticket at http://service.goVHS.org/ and a VHS staff member will be happy to help you. In addition, please contact your school counselor.

    VHS recommends that you do not wait until the last minute to complete assignments.

    If you have a question about an assignment, it may take 24 hours (or more over the weekend) for your teacher to reply, so please ask as early as possible.

    It's in your best interest to complete your work early in the week, leaving plenty of extra time should questions or problems arise.

    We hope you find your course to be a rewarding educational experience!

    If you have any questions, please submit a service ticket to http://service.goVHS.org/ and speak to your school counselor.