• Academic Development Class

    Academic Development classes are designed to assist the student in their mainstream classes.  This may include study groups, organization of materials, individual clarification of assignments or skills, assistance with research projects or even extended time on tests or quizzes.  We have designed a weekly report that is given to each of the student’s teachers, mainstream and special education.  This helps us be aware of the material being covered in class, but also includes any concerns that the teachers may have.  These weekly questionnaires are used only for the Support class.

    Academic Development is not a credited class.  It is a supportive intervention, such as extra test time.  Students cannot be forced to use it. They must want to use it and also accept the advice and assistance from their teacher.  The following is a list of student expectations for the class.

    Student Expectations:

    -       Use an assignment book.

    -       Be prepared to follow the weekly plan, but it may change at times.

    -       Report to class prepared.  This not only means with a plan of what you would like to accomplish,

            but also with the materials and books needed.

    -       Plan the use of the media center in advance.

    -       Focus on one or two subject areas.

    -       Keep the teacher aware of general education needs and class performance

            (whether it is good or bad).

    -       Meeting with another teacher for additional help must be planned in advance.

    -       Keep the support teacher aware of your Block 9 appointments.

    -       Use your time wisely and effectively in your Academic Development Class.