Glen Ridge High School

    Grades 7-12


    The Gifted and Talented program for the middle school students includes several components:

    1)      Grade level enrichment for all students is provided through cycle class offerings

    2)      Pull-out sessions for 7th graders meet period 8 one day per week.


    Pull-out sessions for 8th graders meet period 8 one day per week.

    3)      Advanced math classes are also available for qualifying students.

    4)      In addition, teachers are made aware of students with G&T status in order to better differentiate their classroom instruction.

    Goals and Objectives:

    ·         Expose students to accelerated content.

    ·         Develop creativity and research skills.

    ·         Provide diverse enrichment that broadens learning.

    ·         Stimulate intellectual curiosity.

    ·         Emphasize the process of learning.

    ·         Encourage critical and divergent thinking through problem solving.

    ·         Experience collaborative learning through teamwork and group projects.


    7th Grade Level Enrichment

    All students are exposed to enrichment opportunities through cycle classes.

    Each 7th grader receives 6 weeks of instruction in the following on a rotating basis:

          o   Computers 7

          o   Nutrition

          o   Research 7                                        Or                            Band

          o   Study Skills

          o   Writing Workshop 7

    In addition, each 7th grader chooses two semester long cycles.  For example:

          o   Art

          o   Fitness

          o   History of Sports

          o   Introduction to Italian Language & Culture

          o   STEM (science, technology, engineering & math)

          o   Stage Performance & Singing

          o   Will-Power (Shakespeare)

          o   Money Matters

          o   Sustaining the Environment


    8th Grade Level Enrichment

    All students are exposed to enrichment opportunities through cycle classes.

    Each 8th grader receives 6 weeks of instruction in the following on a rotating basis:

          o   Computers 8

          o   Public Speaking

          o   Research 8                                        Or                            Band

          o   Social Media

          o   Writing Workshop 8

    In addition, each 8th grader chooses two semester long cycles.  For example:

          o   Art

          o   CAD (computer-assisted design)

          o   Fitness

          o   Game Theory

          o   Graphic Novels

          o   Robotics

          o   Stage Performance & Singing

          o   Yearbook

          o   Introduction to Chinese


    Pull-Out Component

    Eligible middle school students are invited to attend weekly G&T sessions facilitated by the School Library Media Specialist in the GRHS Library Media Center.

          o   7th graders meet on Thursdays during period 8

          o   8th graders meet on Wednesdays during period 8

    G&T sessions take place when period 8 cycle classes have study hall so no class time will be missed nor work should need to be made up by students being pulled out to attend G&T.

    Specific projects and lessons will be based on an interest inventory to be administered at the start of the school year once the G&T groups are established for each grade level.  

    Sample Projects for Pull-Out G&T

    Election Theory – Students examine the math behind the election process.  Through a series of guided research activities and in-class exercises, students learn the strengths and weaknesses of different voting procedures and gain an increased awareness of how our Electoral College works.

    Hero Awards – This involves analyzing the characteristics and achievements of those we call “heroes.” Students identify someone they personally consider a hero, read his/her biography and then prepare a presentation in which they bestow this individual with an award.  Our mock award ceremony gives students the opportunity to strengthen research and writing skills, to be creative in designing an award of their choice, and to practice speaking in front of a group.  

    Mock Trial – Students become familiar with trail terminology and the legal process.  Teams will be formed to develop the written case based on given criteria and then to prepare to present the case taking on the sides of either the defense or the prosecution. This could involve possibly competing in the NJ State Bar Foundation Mock Trail program.

    Shakespeare – Students read, view and act out scenes from a select work that is not presently part of the existing curriculum, such as Taming of the Shrew. This may also involve a Field Trip to see a live performance. Culminating project involves writing a short creative piece either reviewing the movie or stage production or proposing a sequel in which students theorize on what might happen to the characters in the future.

    Student Choice- Students are given the opportunity to select from a wide range of individual projects to pursue or may propose a project of their own. Offerings and timeline will depend on the motivation and maturity levels of the particular group of students.


    Grades Nine through Twelve

    High School students who consistently demonstrate intellectual or creative ability and are highly motivated to achieve will be eligible to enroll in honors and advanced placement coursework.


    Single Subject Acceleration

    To be considered for single subject acceleration:

    1.      In View: Test of Cognitive Skills score 131+

    2.      Teacher observation/input- yes recommendation

          o   evidenced by ability to do independent work

          o   mastery of present curriculum

          o   curiosity to learn more then offered by present curriculum

          o   evidence of maturity as shown by ability to evaluate own work, express agreement and disagreement and feelings

          o   good relationships with adults or older children

          o   an ability to do independent work or responsibility at home, that exceeds what is evident in school

    3.      Performance (grades) A in subject area student in which student hopes to accelerate.

    4.      State assessments 99 percentile 

    Once a student has achieved criteria above there must be additional testing for achievement (To represent the degree to which a student has learned specific subject matter content):

          o   In Grades K-6 :End of the Year Assessment

          o   Grades  7-12 : Final exam

          o   All students must achieve 85% mastery on final assessment to accelerate.