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    • who created this message? 
    • what techniques attract my attention?
    • would different people react to this message differently?
    • what 'point of view' is being represented in this message? (or left out)?
    • why is this message being sent?

    Media Literacy Unit - 5th Grade

    Media - the means by which people communicate

    a laptop computer : Free

    File:IPod touch 2G.png

    File:Sony Wega TV set.jpg

    EveningNews July26 1881.jpg

    her car radio while seated

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    Classes will consist of these elements in some form:

    • lecture

    • discussion

    • small group

    • individual

    • work due at end of block

    • no take-home

    • if you miss class, you must make up any written work

    I will tell you when something is being graded, and I will return your work the following library class.