8th Grade Spanish

    Through this course students will learn:
    1.  How to describe families, talk about celebrations and parties, ask and tell ages, express possession. (tema 5A - September)  *At home connection: Name several extended family members and tell the relationship between yourself and that person 
    2.  How to ask politely to have something brought to him/her, order a meal in a restaurant (tema 5B- September/October)  *At home connection:  Tell the various items in a table setting during a meal
    3.  How to describe talk about his/her bedroom and make comparisons  (tema 6A- November)  *At home connection:  Name at least five items in your bedroom
    4.  How to identify rooms in a house, name household chores, tell where he/she lives (tema 6b - December/January) *At home connection:  Give a tour of your home pointing out furniture, rooms and chores
    5.  How to describe clothes, shopping, prices, his/her plans, what he/she prefers, and how to point out specific items (tema 7A- January / February)  *At home connection:  Tell the name and color of at least 7 articles of clothing in bedroom
    6.  How to talk about buying gifts and tell what happened in the past (tema 7B - February/March)  *At home connection:  Make a list of family members and tell what type of gift each person would like
    7.  How to talk about things to do on vacation, describe places to visit, talk about past events (tema 8A - March)  *At home connection:  Tell what you did on a family vacation what your impression was for each activity
    8.  How to talk about volunteer work and ways to protect the enviroment, talk about what people say, talk about what people did for others (tema 8B-April)  *At home connection:  Tell materials in your home that can be recycled
    9.  How to describe movies and television programs, express opinions about the environment, talk about things he/she has done recently (tema 9A - April/May)  *At home connection: Describe 3 favorite television programs and describe their genre and basic plot
    10.  How to talk about computers and the Internet, ask for something, tell what something is used for, talk about people knowing people or knowing how to do things (tema 9B  May/June) *At home connection: Name favorite computer activites



    3 ring binder (at least 1 ½’ ) divided into 2 sections:  vocabulario, gramática

    folder (for quizzes and tests)

    loose leaf paper

    2 pens (blue or black ink only)


    (Suggested supplies) J

    Index cards

    Quizlet Account




    Realidades 1 Online Practice Activities:  (no password needed)


    Las listas de vocabulario