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Referendum 2017, Five Buildings – One Vision

Voter Information


Who is Eligible to vote in the March 28th Glen Ridge Bond Referendum Special Election?

All current Glen Ridge residents who are registered voters may participate in the bond referendum election on March 28th.  Click on the link below to determine if you are a registered voter in Glen Ridge.



If I am not a registered voter, how do I become a registered voter?

You can become a registered voter by completing the necessary paperwork in person at the Glen Ridge Municipal Building during regular business hours or by mailing in the necessary paperwork into Essex County Commissioner of Registration.  Please click on the link below for the registration form.



Is there a date by which I must be registered in order to participate in the special election?

Yes, in order to vote on March 28th you must be a registered voter by Tuesday, February 21st.  The Glen Ridge Municipal Building will stay open until 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21st for voter registration.



Where are the polling locations on March 28th?

Glen Ridge has three polling locations; Women’s Club of Glen Ridge (Districts 3, 4, 7, & 8), Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad headquarters on Herman Street (District 2), and the Community Center/Train Station (Districts 1 and 5). Click on the link below to determine your polling location.



If I will be out of town on March 28th, how do I vote?

You may vote by completing the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot, which you can obtain by clicking on the link below:


To receive your ballot by mail, the application must be received by the County Clerk 7 days prior to the election. A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m., the day before the election.  The County Clerk cannot accept faxed or emailed copies of an Application for Vote by Mail Ballot.  Your completed ballot must be returned to the County Clerk prior to March 14th.



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