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    Do What You Are

    This is a personality assessment linked to the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory.  This assessment helps you to discover your basic personality type as well as possible careers that are connected to your personal interests and goals.  Personality type and career interest survey results reveal which careers and college majors offer the greatest likelihood of success. Prepare students for more educated decision making and goal setting with these insights.

    Cluster Finder

    The Cluster Finder will help you learn what career clusters may be a good match for you based on activities that interest you, personal qualities that you have and subjects that you enjoy studying in school.

    Career Interest Profiler

    A tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests.  Use the results to explore suggested occupations; examine the education, training, and skills required (and where to obtain them), as well as wages typical for these occupations

    Road Trip Nation

    Roadtrip Nation sends young people on Roadtrips to interview Leaders who have built thier lives around their interests.


    About Me


    Strengths Explorer

    StrengthsExplorer powered by Gallup, will help uncover your talents and reveal your potential strengths to you and the people in your world.  From there, you will begin a wonderful journey of discovery, and you'll have the tools you need to make the most of your talents.

    Learning Style Inventory

    The Learning Style Inventory is the most used learning style program in the education community around the world. Identify each student’s environmental, emotional, sociological and physical preferences to create their best possible learning environment at school and home. Improve academic performance today.

    MI Advantage

    MI Advantage™ uses multiple intelligences theory to generate a comprehensive, personalized report covering nine distinct intelligences. Acknowledge every student’s unique intellect and discover crossintelligence strengthening strategies to build on current talents. Great for learning to accept differences – and sharing with parents!