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        Maternity Guide


    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby!


    The guide is to be used as a resource to assist you in navigating your way through the maternity leave process.  This guide will provide information and resources on a variety of topics. We encourage you to reach out to the Business Office, (973) 429-8304 if you have any additional questions about maternity leave.


    GREA CBA 13.9 page 24

    “Pregnant employees shall notify the Superintendent of Schools of their condition and anticipated delivery date as soon as possible but in no case later than 120 days prior to the delivery date. Their notice should include the anticipated date to commence the leave and their intention as to use sick days (if available).”


    Employees are required to send notice to the superintendent requesting a maternity leave along with a doctor’s note stating the anticipated due date.

    Click the link for a sample notice:


    RICE Notice:

    All leaves must be approved by the Board of Education.  Once you request a leave, you will receive a RICE notice from the District to inform you that your leave request may be discussed in the BOE Executive Session.


    Childbirth Paid Leave:

    GREA CBA 13.9 page 24

    “Upon normal physician’s certification, a teacher shall be entitled to 20 working days before and 20 working days after the anticipated date of birth (Including school holiday and vacation periods).  Sick days shall be charged only for days when school is in session. Upon additional specific medical certification, a teacher with pregnancy complications shall be entitled to utilize additional accumulated sick leave as necessary.”

    tended Leave (Dr. Note Required)


    (r. Note Requi


    Childcare Unpaid Leave (Extended Leave):

    The Board shall grant child care leave without pay to an employee upon request under the conditions listed in the CBA (p. 24 13.9 B).


    Tenure Staff:

    • If the birth occurs prior to February 1st, the employee can request within thirty(30) days of the birth to extend the leave (unpaid) to the end of the school year.
    • If the birth occurs after February 1st, the employee may make application within thirty(30) days of the birth to extend the leave to the end of the following school year.  There shall be no further childcare leaves granted.


    Non-Tenured Staff:

    • A childcare leave shall not extend beyond June 30th of the year in which it was granted.

    NJ Family Leave Act:

    • Staff members can apply for NJ Family Leave after their maternity leave expires   If you are eligible, you can receive approximately $600 a week up to 6 weeks directly from the State of NJ.



    • Below is the link to the State of NJ Family Leave Insurance Benefits application that you may apply for when you are unpaid.  The application should be completed online. For assistance in completing the application, please contact them directly at (609) 292-7060.



    • Staff with insurance benefits can retain their health benefits for up to twelve (12) weeks after the delivery date. You are still required to contribute your share of health benefits costs for those weeks.
      • If you maintain your health benefits during unpaid leave, you can either arrange advanced benefit contributions or pay a monthly fee after the delivery.  Please contact the Business Office to make the necessary arrangements.


    • Staff who will be using unpaid childcare leave beyond the twelve (12) weeks may acquire health benefits through Cobra insurance. The district will provide employees with a COBRA notice in accordance with the time periods provided under federal law. Enrollment in and payment for COBRA benefits is handled by OCA (www.oca125.com).



    • Disability:


      • If you are enrolled with Prudential Disability Insurance or AFLAC, please contact them directly to discuss your options at this time.



    • If you use the district’s health insurance, you must complete the Health Benefits Change Form as soon as possible after the birth of your child. Please email the form to Payroll at sfrost@glenridge.org. Although you will not have a social security number, leave that field blank and provide it once that information is available.


    Health Benefits Form:  Health Benefit Form


    You are eligible to purchase pension credit for the unpaid time immediately preceding

    the birth of your child. It is strongly suggested that you purchase the allowed time from the State as soon as possible when you return.  You would do this through the MBOS system (instructions attached). Your pension number can be found on your pay stub. If

    you have questions about the process, please contact the Division of Pensions and

    Benefits at 609-292- 7524 or your financial advisor.

    If you need to make changes to any of the following, please login to

    Frontline Central and submit new forms. (Changes to tax shelters must be

    submitted through Plan Connect).

    • Direct Deposit
    • W-4--tax status

    Returning to Work:

    • At your follow-up doctor’s appointment, obtain a note certifying your “return to work date.”  Please provide a copy of the note to the Business Office prior to your return to work.


    • Staff members who are on childcare leave must notify the Board by March 1st if the employee plans to return for the following year.


    In order to move up on the salary guide for the following school year, employees will need to be paid for ninety-two (92) or more days (not including school holidays or vacations) of the current school year.

    Please contact the Business Office, (973) 429-8304, for additional information