• Pamphlet

    Health Project

    Mrs. Hogan

    Informational Pamphlet




    The Pamphlet needs to include the following:

    Visuals (minimum of 2. More is better)

    Background information about your topic

    Additional information(i.e. clinics or foundations)


    If your topic is a drug, include:


    Side effects


    Street Names

    History of the drug


    If your topic is a STI or Disease, include:

    Signs and symptoms of the STI or Disease




    Any other useful information


    If your topic is a Birth Control Method, include:

    Risks and benefits of it

    How to use it

    Where to obtain it

    Any other useful information



    This needs to be in a form of a pamphlet


    This is due on May 28th and presented in class


    It is worth 100 points and will be weighted equivalent to a test


    Be creative as possible.

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