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    Welcome! Thanks for visiting our page to learn more about the Home & School Association at Central School. 

    What is the Home & School Association? 

    The HSA is a non-profit organization that is run by parent volunteers and supports Central School, students, parents and staff. The HSA was established in the Fall of 2020 after the school opened in 2019. Our parent volunteers, which are a vital link to our school's success, contribute to the school and greater community in a number of ways including an array of enrichment programs, teacher appreciation, lunch support, community service, family and social events. Interested in participating? Just email us at centralgrhsa@gmail.com.        

    Our mission is:

    - To bring into closer relationship and communication, parents, teachers and administrators of students attending the Central School in Glen Ridge,
    - To aid in informing parents of Central School students of the educational philosophy of the Glen Ridge Board of Education and methods by which this is to be implemented in the Central School,
    - To communicate to the Glen Ridge Board of Education and the Administration concerns of parents about the educational process in the Central School,
    - To promote the excellence of the educational process by providing and supporting enrichment to the students in the Central School, and
    - To assist in accomplishing the objectives of the Central School.