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District Curriculum Cycle

Glen Ridge Public School Content Curriculum Cycle

Curriculum Cycle Schedule


  • Review and Research: A committee representing all levels of education in Glen Ridge is formed. It meets after school to assess existing curriculum, research outstanding practices and national/state trends in the content area. It reviews the literature and may make visitations. This group decides on the extent of the revision needed. They may begin to write a Mission/Vision statement if one is needed. 
  • Writing: The committee then writes the components of the curriculum as indicated in “Excellence in Learning – A guide to curriculum development in the Glen Ridge Public Schools.” Writing will occur during the summer and continue into the next school year, as materials are matched to the curriculum. During the school year, sections of the curriculum will be piloted in grade levels. 
  • Implementation: Full implementation at all grade levels will be expected in September of the indicated school year.
  • Monitor: The curriculum will continue to be monitored for its effectiveness. “Mid-course” adjustments will be recommended by staff and discussed by administration prior to any changes.