• What is Title 1?

    The Glen Ridge Public Schools have been selected to be part of the Title 1, Part A grant program.  The district has created a Title I Targeted Assistance Program to focus on Math skills for students in grades K - 6.  The program is developed in an effort to focus on targeted areas of identified weaknesses based on multiple criteria.

    As part of a grant, a Title I program provides technical assistance, resources, and guidance to ensure economically disadvantaged children receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, by helping to close academic achievement gaps. The grant program supports the school system in implementing all requirements under Title, I Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


    How does my child qualify for Title 1?

    Each Fall, students in grades K - 6 complete the NWEA - Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).  After reviewing the individual student results from the Math section of the MAP, students with a level of academic achievement below the set criteria are recognized as requiring support.  Multiple criteria are utilized to determine eligibility after meeting the MAP criteria requirement.  Those include a review of the report card, input from administration, input from the Title 1 - Committee & input from the Title 1 – Math Coaches.  

    Parents are then notified about their child’s eligibility and required to provide written permission for their child to be enrolled in the pull-out support program(s).

    The goal of the Title 1 - Math program is to help those students who have qualified with the selected criteria to meet age-appropriate academic standards.  Students participate for a period of one school calendar year. 

    If a child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), improvement in his/her ability on Math tasks will help meet the objectives of their IEP.