• Part-Time Instructional Employee Guidelines

    Work Schedule:

    • The staff member's schedule will be based on the number of classes taught and time in the building. 

    • Examples are as follows:
      • Time in Building: 7 hours/day x (0.7) = 5 hours/day

      • Elementary Related Arts/Special Education Teachers: 36 classes at (0.7) = 25 classes/6-day cycle


    Preparatory/Duty Periods:

    • Part-time staff will be assigned at least one prep period per day

    • Duties may be assigned during non-instructional and non-preparatory periods.


    Contractual Obligations:

    • Attend Back to School Night

    • Attend half of the Parent-Teacher Conferences

    • Attend district professional developments

    • Not mandatory to attend staff meetings, but responsible for the information presented at the meeting



    • Must be observed as required by NJ Achieve