• French Honor Society, May 2018 at the Women's Club in Glen Ridge, NJ   
    French Honor Society Induction Ceremony
    Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at the Women's Club 7:00pm 
    Madame Chiang
    La Société Honoraire de Français
    Président: Samuel Auborn
    Vice Président: Sarah Looney 
    Trésorière: Spencer Collins
    Secrétaire: Jamie Newman 
    Qualifications for Membership:
    To be eligible for the society, students must meet the following criteria.
    I.) Students must be actively enrolled in a French class of Level 3 or higher.  Students not eligible in one year may become eligible in following years.
    II.) In order to be inducted, a student must hold an A- (90.00%) GPA for three consecutive marking periods.  Inductees find out through the mail during April vacation whether or not they have been selected.  
    III.) Students must be in their third semester of High School study to be eligible.
    FHS holds meetings once a month , the last Wednesday of the month, in Room 227.   FHS has a Tutoring Program that allows members to tutor students of French (in any grade level 7-12!).
    FHS is a group to stimulate French learning at the high school, middle school, and elementary school at Glen Ridge.  
    Once a year, we take a trip to Ridgewood Avenue School and teach lessons in order to promote French enrollment.  FHS has a tutoring program for students who would like extra practice with learning French.  Members are encouraged to be positive role models to our community.  Students must be in good standing (no incidence of academic dishonesty in French class, consistant attendance)