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    lunes, el 26 de agosto - La clase de español
    To all my classes:
    What to have in September (and everyday while in school):
    -Hard cover 3-ring binder containing about 25 sheets of composition paper (no pocket folders, please)
    -3 dividers marked: Class Work, Homework, Tests
    -10-20 flashcards
    -1 tissue box (optional but appreciated)
    -1 or 2 transparent binder pockets to keep labs, projects, flashcards created at home or in class
    -Lab/Computers: you must have your own (charged) Chromebook/headset/earbuds for audio/visual tasks. 
    -What to have at the end of each marking period:
    Portfolio Assessment (25 points) Include all your notes, handouts, projects, worksheets, etc.
    Participation, responsibility and extra credit opportunities for each marking period.
    While staying virtual:
    -Pen/s, sharpened pencil/s and some color crayons/pencils/markers
    -Notepad or folder with sheets to take notes daily
    -Dry-Erase Board and markers (optional but a great idea when we play vocabulary games and you have to draw/write to show the answer)
    -Textbook/Workbook/Digital Ancilliaries (provided by teacher in September/daily in Google Classroom)
    -Google Classroom + Code: (shared/joined by Sept. 1st, 2020 at 8:00 am)

     Expectations/Grading: in Google Classroom

    Calendar for Periods 2 and 8 (Spanish IV-V)
    Calendar for Periods 3, 4, 6 and 7 (Spanish-Grade 7)