Glen Ridge is happy to introduce Virtual High School to our students.  Virtual High School offers our students a way to experience learning in entirely new way, completely via the Internet.  VHS is a collaboration of more than 200 high schools giving our students the chance to have teachers and classmates from across the country and around the world. 
    VHS allows students an opportunity to pursue an area of particular interest.  Students can choose to take courses not offered at GRHS, including Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  Click on "Course Offerings" to the left for a full description of course offerings and to access the course catalog. 
    Although exciting and innovative, VHS is not for everyone.  A student should consider taking a VHS course only if he/she is an extremely self-motivated, self-disciplined learner who is a proficient user of technology.  Before students apply, they need to make sure they fully understand what is involve with taking an online course through VHS.  Please click on "Frequently Asked Questions" to the left for more information on what is involved with taking a VHS course. 
    Signatures from both the student and a parent/guardian will verify that both understand and agree to abide by our district procedures regarding VHS.  A completed application must include these signatures and submitted to Ms. Landgraber in the guidance office.  Click on "Application" to the left to access the VHS application.  Please be aware that there are a limited number of seats available.