• 2019 Scholarships


    Attention Senior families, you thought the essay writing was over – but there might be one more that’s worth the effort. There are many scholarships listed below for your student to apply!

    Please click on the link in red for the Scholarship Application.

    (Please click on google form link for Home & School)


    Awards are announced at the Awards Assembly, June 7th at 8:30am at Ridgewood Avenue School.

    Complete the Application and submit it – according to the directions listed in the particular scholarship.

    What Happens Next?  Students will be recognized for their scholarships at the annual awards assembly. Some may be notified by the sponsoring organization.

    If you need assistance or have questions, please contact your guidance counselor or Erin Follet




    Glen Ridge Police Department 2019 Scholarship

    Applicant must be a graduating High School senior.

    Applicant must be a Glen Ridge resident Applicant must be planning to attend an accredited college or university.

    The application must be complete and returned to the Guidance Office.

    Due Date:Monday 4/22/19 by 9am EXPIRED!



    The Friends of the Glen Ridge Public Library annual scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior who lives in Glen Ridge.

    The $750 scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance and quality of essay.

    Past library service is helpful but not necessary.

    Due Date:4/19/19

    $750.00 EXPIRED!!!


    Glen Ridge Home and School Student Aid Fund


    The Glen Ridge Student Aid Fund Committee is seeking applicants from the Class of 2019 for scholarship awards. You may complete one electronic common application for most of the scholarships offered by the Student Aid Fund, but there are separate forms for others. Applications must be completed by April 23, 2019 (the day after Spring Break). The scholarship awards administered by the Student Aid Fund are to help defray costs at an accredited college, nursing, secretarial, or trade school. Many of them are need-based and reward demonstrable community service, although other factors and qualities are considered depending on the terms of specific scholarships. A committee consisting of representatives of the Home & School Association Executive Council, the Guidance Counselors, and the Student Aid Fund Committee will make the selections. The Student Aid Fund scholarships are supported by some or all of the following sponsors: the Glen Ridge Home & School Association, the William C. Schenck III Memorial Fund, the Sandra Schenck Memorial Fund, the Robert Lowe Memorial Fund and the John Raab Memorial Fund (both courtesy of the Rotary Club), the Kelly Curtis Memorial Fund, the South End Association, the Drama Club, and/or other community organizations and businesses. The award amounts and number of scholarships vary annually. The Student Aid Fund application form is easy to complete. The process is designed to protect student privacy and anonymity to the extent possible. The Committee will keep all information about applicants in strict confidence. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Aid Fund at hamatson@yahoo.com or the High School Guidance Office at 973-429-8309.

    Due Date:4/23/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Kelly Curtis 2019 Scholarship

    Community Service is a basic principle in our democracy.

    Citizens have a duty and an obligation to help their fellow citizen. Kelly Curtis, Glen Ridge High School graduate of 1987, served her community as a devoted member of the Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad.

    Kelly’s life role model for those individuals who share the idea that we are to help one another through good deeds and actions.

    This scholarship is to be awarded to a GRHS Senior who has devoted significant time and effort to helping others community service. Recipient must also be a conscientious student and a good citizen of the school and community.

    Due Date:4/23/19 EXPIRED!!!



    1. The Applicant must be a student at Glen Ridge High School

    2. The Applicant must be attending a four year college in the fall

    3. The application for a scholarship: a. Must be typed, single-spaced b. Must be written on one side only (for copying purposes)

    4. The application must be accompanied by one or two teacher recommendations DEADLINE FOR YEAR 2019 SUBMISSION TO THE MARK BUTTITTA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE IS April 23, 2019.

    Failure to follow these instructions may disqualify the student for the scholarship.

    Instructions: After completing parts A and B, place all sheets in an envelope with your name on the outside. Do not include your name on the applications or questions.

    Part A: Write a BRIEF letter on a separate sheet of paper to the Scholarship Committee giving the following information: 1. Your current GPA

    2. The college you will most likely attend next year (you may list all possibilities if your decision has not been made)

    3. Your work experiences

    4. Your extracurricular activities

    Part B: Write a letter to the Scholarship Committee responding to each of the following questions:

    1. If you have held more than one job, which was your favorite and why? (up to 500 words)

    2. What is your favorite tradition and why? Please note, this does not have to be your own personal tradition  it could be anything! (up to 500 words)

    3. Describe a time in your life when you overcame an obstacle. How did you address it, and how will this experience serve you in life? (up to 1,000 words)


    Due Date:4/23/19 EXPIRED!!!


    ECSNA 2019 Scholarship

    Applicant must be an Essex County Resident.

    Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who has been accepted into a 4-year pre-nursing or nursing program.

    A copy of college acceptance letter to be included with the application.

    Applicant shall submit the application (completed in full) and provide a typed Scholarship Essay.


    Due Date:4/25/19 EXPIRED!!!



    Financial Need Fall attendance at a college, university or vocational school.

    Intention to pursue a career that is business oriented.

    Extra-curricular/community activities Must be a resident of Bloomfield, Belleville or Glen Ridge


    Due Date: 4/27/19 EXPIRED!!!


    ETS Employees Community Action Fund 2019 Scholarship Program 

    https://aim.applyists.net /

    (Please go to the website listed above)

    Who is Eligible? NJ public high school seniors graduating in May or June of 2019 who are:

    · Experiencing significant and verifiable challenges

    · Enrolled full time in an accredited, postsecondary nonprofit educational institution in the fall of 2019

    · Actively pursuing a degree at postsecondary nonprofit institution (two-or four year college/university or vocational/technical school)

     Due Date:4/27/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Girls Club Scholarship App 2019

    Please note that the scholarship due date has been moved to Friday, April 26th 2019!

    Prerequisites: Applicant must be a graduating senior

    Applicant must be a member of the Girls’ Club in good standing and must demonstrate active community service and involvement in the Club.

    Applicant must attend the Year-end Dinner in June Applicant must complete and return a hardcopy of this application to the GRHS Guidance Office by 4/26/19.

    Please spend the time and consideration to complete this application and submit your answers to these 5 questions.

    Presentation of this application, such as grammar, and neatness will be taken into consideration to award any of the Girls’ Club scholarships.

    Due Date:4/26/19 EXPIRED!!!


    NJ Devils Scholarhsip

    NJ Devils Scholarship Rules 

    2018-19 Devils Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Award Program

    The New Jersey Devils Alumni Association is pleased to announce the 2018-19 Devils Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Award Program. An award in the amount of $2,500 will be presented to four (4) outstanding, senior ice hockey players – male or female – who wish to further their education at a college or university of their choice. We invite all senior hockey players who meet the following criteria to apply. See SCHOLARSHIP FUND AWARD OFFICIAL RULES. The four (4) awards will be based on:

    Academic Achievements
    Through the most recent grading period, the student must have attained a high school cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 grading system) or equivalent grade if the student’s school uses a different grading system.
    The student must be accepted for admission on a full-time matriculating basis to a two- or four- year academic program at an accredited post-secondary collegiate educational institution.

    Academic awards and honors should be listed.

    Leadership and Service
    Commitment to volunteer work and community service through continued participation in a variety of projects or community organizations should be listed.
    Community activities should reflect that the applicant is giving back to society unselfishly and that the applicant is motivated to serve.

    Extracurricular Activities
    Extracurricular activities should demonstrate continued participation in a school club, civic organization, or sport (in addition to ice hockey).
    If additional interscholastic athletics are listed, they should reflect a strong, dedicated commitment to sports.
    Positions of leadership or responsibility in school and/or community teams, clubs, or civic organizations should be itemized.

    Must complete: “What is the most important lesson you have learned from the game of hockey?”
    As requested per the application, be sure to include information about your community work, its importance, and how it will impact your future educational and career goals.
    Writing style should be grammatically correct. Ideas should flow in a logical manner.

    *Letters of Recommendation – Students must provide two letters of recommendation. One of the letters must be a nominating letter from the student’s high school Athletic Director or hockey coach.

    All Applications must be received by Friday April 26th, 2019. Recipients will be presented their award at the NJSIAA Scholarship Awards Luncheon on Sunday, May 19th at 12:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Dreisbach at tdreisbach@prucenter.com

    Due Date:4/26/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Giovina Coscia Memorial Scholarship 2019

    Pomptonian Food Service will be awarding four $1,000 scholarships in memory of our founder, Giovina Coscia. The monetary awards are available to graduating seniors in any of the high schools Pomptonian serves. Children of Pomptonian employees are not eligible for this award.

    We will base our decision on a combination of factors including:

    - Students pursuing a career in Culinary Arts or Restaurant, Hotel and Hospitality Management

    - Financial Need

    - Work Experience

    - Community Service

    - Quality and Substance of Essay

    - Letters of Recommendation (2) 

    Due Date:4/30/19 EXPIRED!!!


    The Womens Club of Glen Ridge 2019 Scholarship

    This Scholarship Award has been established to recognize the female Glen Ridge Senior who has participated in school in school or out-of-school activities that have promoted and provided community-minded service to a local, regional, national or international not-for-profit charity or organization.

    Due Date:5/1/19 EXPIRED!!!


    2019 Glen Ridge Athletic Association

    Please attach a short essay (one page or less) detailing your GRAA and GRHS athletic activities and the impact these experiences have had on your high school career and life in general.

    Due Date:5/1/19 EXPIRED!!!


    IPERC Scholarship

    (See details below - no formal application.)

    2 Scholarships awarded to graduating seniors at $500 each
    Email completed response to Mrs. Petrosino - vpetrosino@glenridge.org

    To be eligible:
    1. Student must have attended a trip to China with IPERC
    2. Student’s family must have hosted a student from China through IPERC
    3. Student must currently be taking Chinese as their world language with a minimum grade of B+
    4. Applicant should write a brief essay sharing his/her experience in the Chinese program and how he/she hopes to use what he/she has learned from experience in the future.

    Due Date:5/1/19 EXPIRED!!!



    (See details below - no formal application.)

    Candidates for this scholarship will be females attending a four year college or university. She should rank in the first quartile of the graduating class. Candidates should be active in extra-curricular activities as well as community service. Please describe why you are an ideal candidate for the Kathleen Celeste Kohler Memorial Scholarship in a 500-1000 word essay. Also include in your essay your life goals and what you intend to do after you graduate college. If there is any hardship in your family, such as divorce, death of a parent, financial need, etc, please mention it in your essay. Submit to guidance office.
    This award is $1,500.00.

    Due Date:5/2/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Daniel E Gleeson 2019
    In memory of Daniel E. Gleeson, GRHS Class of 1983. Applicants for this award will submit a typed essay (500 -1000 words) detailing their positive experiences in athletics and involvement in coaching and/or volunteering with kids' activities - two things that were most important to Mr. Gleeson.

    Due Date:5/3/19 EXPIRED!!!

    Enviromental Advisory Scholarship 2019

    750 to 1500 Word Essay that explains a project made to any current eco-friendly initiative and its impact at GRHS.
    A letter of recommendation from GRHS Environmental Club advisor and/or guidance counselor is a must.
    GPA and extra-curricular activities. $1000.00

    Due Date Change: 5/15/19 EXPIRED!!!



    Please tell us in 500 words or less how participating in Gas Lamp Productions contributed to your academic experience, and how you expect it to contribute to your undergraduate experience. In particular, how did Gas Lamp’s mission to “nurture creativity, confidence and compassion through the performing arts” affect you? How will you use the experiences you had with Gas Lamp Players in years to come? Are you pursuing the arts in higher education? If so, why? If not, how will your experience with Gas Lamp Productions impact your continued education? Please type your essay, and attach it to this application. Application Deadline: May 5th – handed in to the Guidance Office Criteria: Awarded on the basis of character as determined by evaluation of essay. Academic Requirement: At least a 2.5 GPA

    Due Date:5/5/19 EXPIRED!!!


    The Clayton Burroughs Memorial 2019 Scholarship 
    (See details below - no formal application.)

    It is with great pride that the family of Clayton Burroughs is extending this scholarship opportunity to a graduating Glen Ridge High School Senior who most exemplifies Clayton?s dedication, personality and character. The student who chooses to apply for the Clayton Burroughs Memorial Scholarship should be a caring and sensitive individual with a solid sense of humor and enthusiasm for life and its many blessings. Most of all, this should be a student who has a powerfully positive attitude and strong commitment to the sports programs and the community of Glen Ridge and overall concern for the wellbeing of others. Students must complete a 250 word essay on how they represent the qualities above. Please note these essays will be read and reviewed by the Burroughs family under the supervision of Glen Ridge High School Guidance Department. 

    Due Date: 5/6/19 EXPIRED!!!


    2019 Glen Ridge Music Parent Association Scholarship

    Criteria for Consideration:*

    -Must be a graduating Glen Ridge High School student

    -Must be pursuing a full time bachelor’s degree in the fall semester

    -Must be recommended by a high school or private music instructor.

    -Must participate in 2 major fund-raising efforts (list below)

    -Must submit a brief essay explaining why they should be considered

    (What contribution have you made to the community through music? Please provide your plans on continuing musical pursuits and examples of self-growth within your time at GRHS)


    *While the study of music is not a requirement, those pursuing musical interests in college may be given preference.

    Due Date: 5/9/19 EXPIRED!!!


    The Thomas H Bowden 2019 Memorial Scholarship

    Thomas Bowden graduated Glen Ridge High School with the Class of 1983. After he died, we received many cards and letters from friends describing how Tommy had touched their life. Some gestures were small things, like the way he befriended a new student on his first day of school. Other gestures were larger – but they all spoke of Tommy’s kind and generous nature.

    Please refer to the articles on the website (click on the For Scholarship Applicants tab) and write an essay describing how you – by your words or your actions – have quietly touched the lives of others. The essay should be a minimum of one page, typed and double-spaced.

    NOTE: This scholarship is for seniors graduating from Glen Ridge High School. The completed application with essay attached must be turned in to your guidance counselor no later than 4/26/19 For more information about the Scholarship and the Scholarship Fund, visit www.bowdenfund.com. Good luck!

    Due Date:5/10/19 EXPIRED!!!

    Jewish War Veterans of USA 2019 Scholarship
    Community Service is a basic principle in our democracy. Citizens have a duty and an obligation to help their fellow citizen. Kelly Curtis, Glen Ridge High School graduate of 1987, served her community as a devoted member of the Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad. Kelly’s life role model for those individuals who share the idea that we are to help one another through good deeds and actions.
    This scholarship is to be awarded to a GRHS Senior who has devoted significant time and effort to helping others community service. Recipient must also be a conscientious student and a good citizen of the school and community.

    Due Date:5/11/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Glen Ridge Art Patrons Association

    (Participation in the art exhibit begins the application process.  No formal application)

    Every year the Glen Ridge Art Patrons Association (GRAPA) awards scholarships to Glen Ridge High School students going on to a career in the fine, graphic and media arts. The award process begins in April as an art exhibit which is organized by the GR High School Art Department, headed by Anne Malone. The exhibit showcases to parents and friends the wonderful art created by the HS students. GRAPA takes this opportunity to provide three judges, who are professional artists themselves, to evaluate the entries and select first, second and third place winners. The selected Seniors are then eligible to be awarded monetary scholarships from GRAPA at the annual Awards Presentation held in June. The judges also select three promising artists from the Junior class who are awarded gift certificates at the April art show exhibit. The monetary amounts for the Senior scholarships are based on receipts from the Glen Ridge Arts Festival which will be organized and staffed by Glen Ridge Home and School (GRHS) volunteers. The Festival is held each May on Mother's Day weekend. The only requirement for the scholarship recipients is to provide a copy of their freshman college year curriculum to verify that they are pursuing an education in the arts.



    (2) $500 Scholarships will be awarded

    This scholarship is in memory of Tim Bassett, who was a trainer for Heroes & Cool Kids for 20 years, impacting the lives of all the Heroes and Cool Kids he mentored, teaching invaluable lessons.

    To qualify, you must have been in the Heroes and Cool Kids program and attended all training sessions.
    To apply, write an essay describing how Heroes & Cool Kids has impacted your life:
    ---How has it changed you as a person?
    ---What lessons have you learned?
    ---How will you apply what you've learned in the future?
    Essay must be a minimum of 500 words.

    Submit essay to pros@heroesandcoolkids.org.

    Due:5/14/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Northern NJ Chapter National Kitchen & Bath Association



    1. Northen NJ resident

    2. Seeking or pursing full-time post-secondary education.

    3. Has consisently demonstrated the following qualities in school or on the job:

    • Good character 
    • Good attitude 
    • Good attendance 
    • Good citizenship


    Due Date:5/16/19 EXPIRED!!!


    Kiwanis Scholarship

    To be considered, each applicant must submit detail of:

    • Personal involvement in service to school, community, religious organizations, etc.
    • Grade Point Average. • A character reference from someone other than a teacher or relatives.
    • A double-spaced essay limited to two pages addressing the following topic: “In our busy society, how can a community like Glen Ridge attract and maintain community service organization volunteers.”
    (In answering this question, citing your own experiences as a volunteer may be helpful)

    Due Date:5/17/19 EXPIRED!!!


    The 2019 John A Candela Memorial Scholarship Application

    The selection process begins when a Glen Ridge High School Senior submits a completed application, which includes the following:

    1. The John A. Candela Memorial Scholarship Application
    2. Glen Ridge High School Transcripts
    3. List of Extracurricular Activities
    4. Two Letters of Recommendation
    5. One Essay: Must address the following two questions:

     Why applicant applied for The John A. Candela Memorial Scholarship?

    And Why applicant believes that he/she should be chosen for The John A. Candela Memorial Scholarship?


    Due Date:5/22/19 EXPIRED!!!


    2019 Senior Award for Glen Ridge Theater

    Eligibility: Candidate must be a senior with a minimum 2.0 GPA, and have participated in any capacity in a GRHS Drama Club Production. 

    How to apply: Fill out the upper portion of the application form and turn it into the High School Guidance Office by 5/30/19.

    Note: The applications will then go to Mr. DeFazio so he can fill out the recommendation section.
    Due Date: 5/30/19 EXPIRED!!!


    MB Frederick Scholarship

    This scholarship, sponsored by Alpha Alpha Lamda Chapter's Educational Foundation, is given to a graduating African-American male senior from a high school in Essex County, NJ. The amount of the award is $2,000. payable in two equal installments.

    See application for details on how to apply.

    Must be postmarked by June 10.

    Due Date: 6/9/19 EXPIRED!!!


    This generous award is for students who are in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need. (Income tax returns must be included with the application.)  The award is paid annually to the college or technical school (up to four years), and recipients must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or equivalent
    Due: 6/10/19 EXPIRED!!!