Middle School Counselor
     Ms. Lori Mundy
    973-429-8300  X 2010


    Guidance Services
    The middle school guidance office is located in room 200. Ms. Mundy is fully qualified to assist students with educational and personal problems. In working with students, they seek to assist each student to make the most of his or her capabilities and to make realistic and constructive decisions. Some reasons why students seek out the guidance counselor are:
    • To establish a suitable academic program;
    • To analyze and improve academic achievement;
    • To establish personal, academic, and vocational goals;
    • To explore ways to achieve goals;
    • To get help with peer relationships;
    • To identify worthwhile activities for personal growth and development;
    • To develop strategies for adjusting to classes and the middle school program;
    • To inquire about careers and vocations;
    • To conceptualize and explore strategies for solving problems;
    • To seek solace in time of crisis/need.
    In addition to individual counseling, the counselor
    • meets with small groups of students to provide information and assistance;
    • helps orient new students;
    • promotes productive study skills;
    • provides mediation if needed; and
    • works with parents and guardians, teachers, and students to develop cooperative plans for solving student problems.
    • teaches the Middle School Guidance Program through classroom lessons
    • coordinates the Middle School Mentors program
    • coordinates Peer Tutoring when necessary and available
    Students may meet with the guidance counselor directly or schedule an appointment.