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    Free Money for Glen Ridge Schools

    It’s been under our noses this entire time

    October 2016 – Glen Ridge Benefits (formerly known as Scrip) has the potential to be the best source of income for our schools and town, yet it has gone mostly unnoticed for some time. Since 2004 we have raised over $150,000 to complete projects at every school by raising funds that were not available from any other source. Every time someone purchased a $100 gift card to shop at their favorite grocery or retail store, $5 or more went into the fund at no extra cost to them. This soon grew into $150,000 of free money for Glen Ridge schools.


    On October 10, 2017,  the Board of Education recognized GR Benefits’ most recent donation of $38,000 towards the GR High School/MS Library renovation.  These funds, powered together with $22,500 raised by the HS Home & School Association, provided purchasing power for new tables and chairs to easily configure the room for a variety of new uses. The updated space also includes: Teaming Tables with monitors for class and small group work, Charging Tables for new chrome books and standing work, casual seating areas to foster collaborative work groups, and new window protection and fans to control lighting and ensure a comfortable work environment.  In addition to this, Ridgewood, Forest and Linden received donations towards their multipurpose rooms and maker spaces this year.  You can read about all the projects funded by GR Benefits in “Success Stories” on our website.


    Glen Ridge Benefits is an incredible opportunity to create a sustainable, significant income stream to benefit all Glen Ridge schools.  It simply requires a parent or supporter to slightly modify their shopping habits without purchasing anything other than their regular groceries, coffee, or retail store items. If 300 families modify the way they shop, we could generate $100,000 annually for the school district.  300 families represent only 20% of the 1,500 school families in Glen Ridge. If everyone were willing to participate in the program for just half of his or her grocery and retail-shopping budget per year – $100,000 would be a drop in the bucket!  No one is going to stop eating or shopping. As long as Glen Ridge families continue to shop, this can be a significant source of income for years to come. 


    Regardless of the politics of state funding, the fact remains there is never enough money available to provide the best physical and technological environment for teaching our children. By creating a sustainable income stream for Glen Ridge, the Board of Education will be able to fund programs and have resources to ensure the 21st Century Learning Initiatives that students need to succeed will be in place.  


    Glen Ridge Benefits is something you can do from your phone or computer during your train commute, while waiting for an appointment, or when you’re already shopping in your favorite store.  All it takes is a little set up and a little effort to remember to use it when you shop. There is an option for everyone – whether you need it now, every month, for a birthday or graduation gift, or wait to shop our twice a year holiday sale.


    Get it, share it with friends and family, and let's see how much we can achieve together.


    Head to www.grbenefits.org and learn more.  We'll be making the rounds this month at parent teacher conferences, home and school meetings, BOE and Borough Council meetings to answer questions - plus there is a rep at every school. Or, you can simply email us at earn@grbenefits.org to schedule a time to for us to help get you started.  Glen Ridge Benefits is a committee of the Glen Ridge Home & School Associations.