Discovery Winter 2023 Brochure  

    Thank you for your support of the RAS Home & School Association Discovery Program!


    The Discovery Series is designed to provide academic enrichment for students in a casual and fun environment. We at Discovery believe there is much more for students to explore and learn than can be offered in a typical school day. Our goal is to provide additional learning opportunities for students without the worry of tests or homework and an emphasis on hands on fun. On a practical level, Discovery offers parents and their children an opportunity to “try out” a wide range of subjects and activities without signing up for expensive lessons only to find it’s not your child’s “thing”. In addition, because our programs run at school there is less driving around to different activities!

    We have assembled a talented and diverse group of instructors for our program and we are constantly on the lookout for new talent. Some of our instructors are teachers already working in the district who have a passion for a subject beyond their normal teaching. Others are Glen Ridge parents with a unique hobby they want to share with our children. Still others are carefully chosen from educational companies that design specialized curriculum and then screen and train instructors to teach their programs. Whether your child has an interest in art, music, science, computers, cooking, photography or fitness, chances are Discovery has something of interest!

    If you have any questions, please email the Discovery Committee at rasdiscovery@gmail.com