Ridgewood Avenue School is an upper elementary school with approximately 600 students in Grades 3-6.  The school builds on the foundation skills learned in the primary schools, and through an authentic and hands-on approach, encourages students to love and take responsibility for their own learning. 

    The building itself is located in the heart of the Borough, close to the Public Library, Police Department, and Municipal Building. The school is listed on the State Historic Register. This charming turn of the century building houses the only auditorium in the district, and it is well utilized by both intra-district and outside theatre and musical performing groups.

    In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum in the major disciplines of language arts literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science, students are exposed to art, instrumental and vocal music, physical education, health, media, technology and Spanish. Students in all grades have the advantage of networked computers and chromebooks in each classroom as well as a computer lab in our library.  All of our self-contained classrooms are outfitted with SMARTboards and a variety of other technology resources used as instructional tools. 

    Our school boasts an impressive STEM Lab along with a Makerspace and a room dedicated to sensory support, which includes equipment such as trampolines, treadmills, yoga mats and more.

    The teaching staff is eager to seek professional development opportunities, through graduate study, workshops, grant writing, and the development of innovative programs. Many of our staff members are clinical faculty members at Montclair State University through a network partnership our district maintains with the University.  Teachers take pride in displaying student work through creatively designed bulletin boards, which not only beautify the school, but also enhance the learning environment.  The staff works together in grade level teams to plan activities and communicate shared goals.

    Students are able to participate in extracurricular activities, such as Student Council, Chorus, Band, Spanish Club, K-Kids Club, Drama, and WE Schools, which helps students learn about local and global citizenship.
    We place a strong emphasis on Character Education and Social Emotional Learning at Ridgewood Avenue School.  Students complete mental health wellness check-ins, participate in "crash houses" to interact with students in other classes, mentor programs and more.  In connection with our Character Education Program, Ridgewood Avenue School has implemented a unique and custom bullying program called "Block the Bully."  The love of reading is something we work hard to instill in our students; our Rhino Reading Program has proven a successful tool in motivating our students to read and read and read! 


    The parents are an integral piece of the puzzle as we all work collaboratively to educate the children.  Parental support and involvement is always welcomed in our school and the relationship between the Home and School Association and the Administration & Staff is one of the many reasons the school has such a family-based atmosphere.
    Ridgewood Avenue School-
    A special school committed to preparing students academically, emotionally, and socially so that they can become contributing citizens of the 21st Century. A school with incredible students, supportive parents, and a dedicated staff who:
    -is passionate, dedicated and excited about learning
    -use a variety of activities to help students connect to learning and
    -set clear expectations for students