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    Name: Theresa Messineo
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     Mrs. Messineo





       THE HIVE


    Elina, Gavin, Madison, Sofie, Riaan,

    Zachary, Elle,

    Colby, Avery, Brody,

    James, Nathaniel, Sienna, Charlotte, Alexandra,

    Jakey, Ryan, Michael, Sara, Sabina, Will, Reed,

    Eva, Clifton, Kaya

    Get ready to...
    and have...
    LOTS OF FUN!!!!
    Here are some ways to add a little fun to your reading:

    *Read to your dog

    *Read under your dining room table

    *Have a reading picinic: choose several books and find a shady tree

    *Read to a younger brother or sister

    surfing cat