• The purpose of this Arts Virtual Study Group is to conduct a discussion about the arts and their place in the Glen Ridge Public Schools.  During the process of strategic planning, we've asked community members, parents, Board of Education members, and teachers to "picture the graduate," i.e., to think about what our students should know and be able to do by the time they graduate from our schools.  For the purposes of strategic planning, I've led a discussion blog in this area where postings and articles about the importance of the arts resulted in three recommendations.   
    I want to get your input about these recommendations and also ask about your involvement with or knowledge of professional arts organizations.  Let me know, by posting on this blog or sending me an email, about any state or national arts organizations whose mission and standards you strive toward or emulate in your particular area of teaching.  In other words, is there a national organization for visual or performing arts that you would like your program to be like? 
    Please read the three recommendations and post a comment about one or all of them.  Think about how can we measure the success of implementing each of these recommendations?  In other words, what are the defining factors, the tangible values (national oragnizations or standards?) to determine our success in each of these recommendations? It is my hope that this information will spur comment to promote the arts in the Glen Ridge Schools to a level of prominence.  As facilitator, I will help post information, create summaries, and generally keep members engaged. 


    The Study Group will last for five weeks and end on April 1st, and its work will culminate in a strategic plan in the the area of the arts.