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    Welcome to Pre-K at Central School

    The focus for each Pre-K Child is the continuous development of their Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving skills through a Multiple Intelligences approach to learning.

    October has brought much color to our outside world but also within Pre-K as well.  The Children have completed their Do You Know Colors ? Book with hands-on activities which have accompanied each color.  Encourage them to read the Book to you and others as this verifies  their accomplishment !!!  There are those Children who may wish to further their colors experience with your guidance by adding more pages with  the same format to their Books. 

    The Farmer and the Beet activities which the Children brought home avail them of the opportunity to color in a meaningful way so as to set up the story sequence, sing the song and possibly read some of the main words of the story as well.

    The visit from the Montclair Firefighters impressed the Children in a positive way so as to understand how they should respond in situations related to fires. Their Weekly Reader Book and that given by the Firefighters provide many lessons to share with them as a Family.

    The Pumpkin Tells is on its way to being completed.  The song is being learned along with our spelling of Halloween in song as well.  These will be performed as per the letter sent home, on Friday, October 30th, in the Multi-Purpose Room after the Halloween Parade.  Have a " Boo-tiful Halloween " !!! 

    Sign-up sheets for the Conferences taking place in December will be on the Pre-K Patio Doors on Thursday, October 22nd.  Do be sure to note the  "sibling time" you may have already set-up with a Teacher in the older grades at Forest.

    Self-evaluation is consistently encouraged.  Therefore, encourage Your Child to discuss the activities which they have completed daily at school.  When a Weekly Reader is brought home, you will notice that there is a website for additional activities. 

    Should you have any questions, do contact me by phone or e-mail.  Phone messages are checked three times during the day, e-mail at the end of the school day. 


    Take Care.

    Elaine Russoniello

    Teacher of Pre-K at Central School