• Welcome to CAD and Engineering!

    Name: Andrew Shohen
    Email Address: ashohen@glenridge.org  
    Phone number: 973-429-8303 

    Please view the AutoCAD at home newsletter for CAD apps and programs we will use this year. Please find the links to your google classroom on the class pages.

    School supplies needed: Paper, pencil, and a 1/16th inch standard ruler. A 3 button computer mouse is recommended.

    Glen Ridge CAD  
    cam's train
    For his drawing of a model train.  

    Gear Clock
    TSA Log Cabin  
    Past Problems and Competitions
    CAD 3D
    Problem: Your challenge is to create an innovative design for a cell phone charging station.  
    The device should be compatible with iPhones and other popular smart phones.
    The device should allow the user to connect without a USB cable connection to the cell phones
    See the specifications and evaluation bellow:
    CAD LAB RENOVATION Add dimensions to all exterior walls and room tags to each room. Then Print it on Sheet A1.
    Once the apartment drawing is completed please work on the following house projects:
    You may use houseplans.com to find a floor plan or create an original design yourself. 
    Students are working on a golf ball packaging project.  Golf Ball Packaging
    They should finalize their designs in Inventor then create a layout in AutoCAD 2D.  
    Then print and test their design on cardstock paper. 
    Next work on a logo in CAD and add color to their design. 


     Sky Rail Train's are overhead-suspended light rail systems (OSLR). 

    Students will apply their knowledge to create an electrical device that runs along an  

    elevated track made of two parallel cooper wires. (fixed track transportation) 

    The object will be to deliver 25 business people to the platform in under 30 seconds.   
    The device will include a DPDT switch to change the polarity of the vehicle’s motor. 
    It will also include 2 -L.E.D.s to act as the heads lights for the vehicle.  
    See the specifications and evaluation bellow: