Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
Glen Ridge Public School's Website

Procedures are in place to promptly investigate reports of violations and complaints related harassment, intimidation or bullying (which can be found at https://www.glenridge.org/Page/314). 

Reports may also be submitted anonymously, however, formal disciplinary action will not solely be made on the basis of an anonymous report.

To anonymously report a potential harassment, intimidation or bullying issue, please send a letter to:

Mr. Jack DeWitt, Director of Student Services, 12 High Street, Glen Ridge, N.J. 07028

Contact Information
District - Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Mr. Jack DeWitt, Director of Student Services   
Phone: 973-429-8305, 12 High School, Glen Ridge, NJ  07028
Glen Ridge High School - Anti-Bullying Specialist: Ms. Heather Kobylinski, M.A., SAC  
Phone: 973-429-8303, 200 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ  07028
Ridgewood Avenue School - Anti-Bullying Specialist:  Ms. Lauren Bas, M.A., School Counselor
Phone: 973-429-8306, 235 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ  07028
Forest Avenue School - Anti-Bullying Specialist: Ms. Alejandra Otero, M.A.,School Psychologist  
Phone:  973-429-8308, 287 Forest Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ  07028
Linden Avenue School - Anti-Bullying Specialist:  Ms. Cindee Bulthaupt, M.A., LDT-C
Phone: 973-429-8301, 201 Linden Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ  07028