What is GRASE?

    The Glen Ridge Association for Special Education (“GRASE”) is a parent-organized group that works together with administrators and teachers to create an educational and social environment where all students – whether receiving special education services or not – can be successful. GRASE also provides support and information to parents whose children receive special education services.

    What does GRASE do?

    GRASE, dedicated to advocacy, education/support and communication/collaboration, has a two-pronged purpose: (1) to serve as a “Parent to Parent” resource group providing support and information to parents, and (2) to be a Special Education Parent Advisory Council (“SEPAC”) facilitating in-depth discussion of key issues affecting parents and the School District and providing input to the District on systemic issues concerning children receiving special education and related services.

    Our goals are to:

    • Provide information to support parents as they advocate for their children’s special education needs.
    • Provide opportunities for families to support each other and share resources and information that will impact their children’s success.
    • Ensure effective, appropriate learning environments for all of Glen Ridge’s children receiving special education and related services.
    • Enhance the family-school collaboration and partnership in special education and to facilitate access to services.
    • Promote active participation and acceptance of children with special education needs in the Glen Ridge academic and wider community.

    When does GRASE meet?

    GRASE will meet 5 times during the 2017-2018 school year. These meetings are open to all parents. As part of the SEPAC function of GRASE, the leadership committee will meet with school district personnel 2-4 times per year, or more frequently as the need arises.


    Where can I get more information about GRASE and special education services in Glen Ridge?

    You can find current information about GRASE, including the schedule of our meetings, as well as additional resource information, by clicking on the GRASE tab under “Student Services” on glenridge.org, the Glen Ridge Public Schools’ website.

    The “Student Services” section of the website includes helpful information about how the School District’s Student Services Department works, legal documents regarding the rights of students and parents, contact information for key staff and a glossary of key terms.

    If you have a specific question, please feel free to reach out to us at glenridgegrase@gmail.com.

    My child just qualified to receive special services. Can I speak with a Glen Ridge parent with experience working with the Student Services Department and navigating through the process?

    Apart from GRASE meetings, our members are available to provide parents who are new to working with Special Services with informal orientation discussions. These parents can share their own perspectives and experiences navigating the process of determining and managing their child’s special education program and help connect parents with additional information and the right resources.

    If this type of informal discussion with another parent would be helpful, please feel free to contact us at glenridgegrase@gmail.com.